All students are required to earn 24 credits and comply with all state accountability requirements in order to graduate. A semester course receives .5 credits; a full year course receives 1 credit.

In addition, students must fulfill the following credit requirements:

English:        4 credits

History:        3 credits

Science:        3 credits (must be lab science)

Mathematics:        4 credits

Wellness:        2.75 credits (2.0 credits for the class of 2019 & beyond) Foreign Language:        2 credits

Fine/Applied Arts:                        .5 credits

Engineering Technology:                        .5 credits

Additional semester of either:                5 credits

The Massachusetts Department of Education also requires that all students pass English, Math, and Science MCAS competency testing to be eligible for a high school diploma. In addition, beginning with the class of 2018, students must complete 50 hours of community service, as follows:

9th grade:        10 Hours

10th grade:        10 Hours

11th grade:        15 Hours

12th grade:        15 Hours

Credit for Foreign Study:  Students who are away for a term or year to participate in a student exchange program or otherwise study abroad may receive credits toward high school graduation when (1) study plans are approved by the school administration in advance; and (2) the institution where the study occurred submits a record of the student’s work.  In these instances, the Principal and student’s guidance counselor will evaluate the work and assign credit for it according to standards prevailing in Hamilton Wenham Regional High School.

Source:        MASC

Adopted: October 1, 2015

Reviewed: June 15 2017