Hammonton Green Committee Minutes - May 7, 2018
Monthly Meeting - Hammonton Town Hall

Green Committee Members:

X Jeanette DePiero  X Mica McCullough  X Amy Menzel   X Linda Esposito  
X Kerri Patton      _Sara Verrillo   __Courtney Volpe

Friends of the Green Committee & Guests: Dan Bachalis, Gordon Pherribo, Renee Cramer, Eric Schmehl,

  1. Events and Projects:



Plastic Bag Ban/Fee

  • Long Beach Twp ban vs. Ventnor fee
  • Dan will draft an ordinance, bring to future meeting
  • Green Committee will conduct an education campaign (pamphlets, flyers, bag giveaways, window clings, Spanish translations, encourage stores to put flyers in coupon mailers, cart stickers, etc.)
  • Can we invite someone to a future meeting to share challenges/ successes? Monica Coffey?

Balloon Release Ordinance

  • Egg Harbor City just got ordinance passed; Jeanette will try to get a copy of it for future meeting
  • Dan & Amy will draft, send through Quality of Life Committee
  • If fast-tracked, earliest implementation is end of June
  • Educational campaign will consist of alternative ways to celebrate/commemorate (flower planting, bubbles, etc.) and “there is no such thing as biodegradable” or “biodegradable can still take X years”

Sustainable Jersey

  • Mica will look at our current SJ standing, how many points needed,
  • SJ subcommittee will meet Weds May 23 at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall conference room.  
  • Compiling “proof” of SJ activities can be done in Google Drive. Mica will create & share with subcommittee

Green Day 2018,

Sunday Sept 23

12:00-4:00 pm

Lake Park

  • .Mica will submit Use of Facilities form to reserve location
  • Amy will update last year’s resolution to make sure Council recognizes it
  • Amy will update & send sponsor & vendor letters
  • Dan will reach out to Pinelands Adventures
  • Gordon will contact the drug lockbox vendor
  • Green Day planning meeting Thurs. June 28, 7pm in Town Hall 3rd floor.
  • HAC is collecting old CDs, yarn, branches, etc. for dreamcatchers again. Any collected items can be given to Jeanette.


  • August-- pollinator movie, Flight of the Butterflies on Netflix?
  • Later in fall, bag/balloon screening campaign in schools

Adopt a Road Cleanups

  • Next cleanup scheduled for Sunday, June 10 at 10:00 am. Meet at Library.


2. Garden Update -

3. Open Floor