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December 20, 2016

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Design Team

Design team has been planning to accurately recreate last year’s robot in a CAD program in order to make a useable model that can be used in simulations, and recreate extreme scenarios that can test the robot’s sturdiness. The design team lead, Myro Tkachenko, has planned to train the other members in the Design Team to become proficient in their resources. The Design team has plans to seek out SolidWorks licenses and receive assistance from the Game Design class to create and run simulations.

Fabrication Team


As of December 20th the fabrication team, led by Avneet Singh, has been preparing for build season for the 2017 FRC competition. A big thank you to Dr. Ken Froeschner for letting the fabrication team members use his workshop, located off Mines Road in Livermore, to increase their tool competency and achieving proficiency in safety as well. Other members of fabrication are returning veterans from last year’s robotics team and are guiding the new members in their experiences so that they may become valuable members of the team. Fabrication team members were also given a packet to work on over break on isometric drawings, the FRC safety manual, and basic physics for practice.

Programming Team

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Programming lead Carter Sande is leading a small but eager team of coders. These new additions to the team have been working on making repositories to store and access code that will be used to have all the members learn the language the robot will be programmed with.

Public Relations Team

Blanchard Kenfack, head of the PR team, has been working hard to find support and tools that the other teams can use for the entirety of the competition. The other members have been working to make promotional material for the other teams and offering representatives for them. The PR also recently had a joint parent meeting with design and it went extremely well! The System Overload Robotics team was also placed in LVCP’s online newsletter that you can can check out here. The team has also created the update you are reading now, and we hope to keep it a monthly occurrence for all parents. If you also want to stay updated even more often check out our social medias by clicking on the icons below!

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The mission of System Overload Robotics (SOR) is to promote learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to the students of the Tri-Valley Area.

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