Carolina’s Lost Communities

Session 2 – Resources for “The French Connection and an Antebellum Academy”   (Scott Withrow presentation)


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File:  1746 Herman Moll Map of Carolina – Geographicus

Edgefield County, South Carolina 1911 Map (portion of a map by Rand McNally).   My Genealogy Hound

James Cook Map of the Province of South Carolina 1773   David Rumsey Map Collection 

Abbeville District of South Carolina by Robert Mills.  South Carolina Department of Archives and History Digital Collection. 

News Archives:

“Willington School”  The Abbeville Messenger, August 24, 1886

“They Shoot at Teachers.  Mrs. Shankle Tells of Work in ‘Dark Corner,’” The Herald and News (Newberry, South Carolina), May 27, 1910. 


Badwell Cemetery (McCormick County, South Carolina)  Find A Grave

Hickory Knob State Resort Park (McCormick County, SC)   

Guillebeau House.  South Carolina Department of Archives and History (National Register Properties in South Carolina

Huguenot Society of South Carolina   

Poland, Tom “Across the Savannah:  Willington, a History Village.”  The Lincoln (Georgia) Journal, December 17, 2017.

Willington on the Way (includes the Willington Book Shop)