Walk-in Clinic Descriptions

Live Ball An hour and a half of situational drills and doubles point play that will get your heart pumping!

Doubles Troubles Fast-paced, with a concentration on improving your doubles game. From positioning and strategy to serve and return this is your one stop shop for upping your doubles knowledge and skills.

Form and Fun 30 minutes of technique and cardio. 6o minutes of doubles point play and situational drills. Ladies clinic.

Heavy Hitters A cardio inspired fast paced class, centered around hitting as many balls as possible in an hour and a half!

Feel the Burn! An energetic blend of feeds, drills, and rotational doubles games designed to keep you moving and improving.

Point Play Doubles point play, strategy, and games.

Classes and Services

GreatBase Tennis 101

For anyone who is interested in learning the systems of GreatBase instruction.

The course is based on an online course titled "Tennis Intelligence Applied."

Tennis enthusiasts will learn how to be a better player and better practice partner.

GreatBase Tennis 201

Improve your game while you learn to teach.

Tennis enthusiasts will learn how to be a better player and practice partner.

This course can serve as a springboard for being a hobby, volunteer, and/or professional coach.

5 Player Doubles

Have a Tennis Memphis Teaching Professional join your regular foursome.

The flow of play will not slow down, typically more points are played.

The pro will play in on every other point and give brief pointers. This service is designed specifically for the holders of Permanent Court Time. Your group can schedule this service by appointment.

Private Lessons from A to Z

Playing lesson

Hitting lesson

Hitting + evaluation after each point

50 minutes of hitting + 10 of review

Jim Loehr 10 mental strategies

Play vs. a junior with live coaching feedback during the match.

Beat the pro-win a free lesson!

Specialized groups

YouDesign Clinic-semi-private lesson that you tailor to your group's needs

Work out

Strategy lesson

Match play filmed

One on one doubles lesson-you + pro

Doubles strategy lesson

Form lesson

Stroke lesson

Family lesson

Compatibility lesson

Parent & Child Starter Lesson (ECD) First lesson FREE! This 30 minute lesson is for parent(s) of children under age 8 and is designed to show the parent and child how to get started in tennis, both on court and at home.

City-Wide Ladder