TDT Trackmania 2 Stadium

Competition Premiership Season 1 - Rulebook

 1. General

1.1 Fairplay

All participants of the TDT are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other participants, spectators and the admins. In special cases, the admin team reserves the right to change or expand the rules if necessary and the right to make decisions which are not covered by the rules, to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

1.2 Admin/Modo Team

Julien36 - VR_Julien36#0753  - TDT Admin/Modo

Thibautdu025 - Thibautdu025#8110 - TDT Admin/Modo

Waps - Waps#8060 - TDT Organizer/MasterAdmin

1.3. Adding players

No player is allowed to play for more than one team during the same season: once a player has left his team during the season, he is no longer allowed to play for another team.

You can add new players to your team until Sunday June 8 (23:59 French time). By that date, all teams will be locked and no one will be able to join your team. Make sure you have your line-up set before!

1.4 Communication

If you have questions or need assistance, the best way to reach all administrators is to send them a private message on discord.

They will answer it as soon as possible.

1.5 season

The TDT officially begins on Saturday, June 8th, while the first mappack is released on Saturday, June 1.

The group will consist of groups of about 4 teams. These groups will be based on the results of 3 matches against teams randomly selected on Saturday, June 8th. After this playdays, the playoffs will begin. The first 2 out of the 4 teams will qualify for the Winner Bracket while the last two teams will go into the Looser bracket.

1.6 Team size

The number of players per team is limited from 4 to 6 players.

All teams must ensure that there is no absentee for each match, If one of the players is not present for a match and the team is outnumbered, the player will have the right to be replaced by another player of the competition but only 1 time in all the competition and the player who will replace it will have the right to play only the 4v4.

1.7 game account

Each player must have their game account entered in a team to participate in the tournament, named "Trackmania 2 (ID Maniaplanet)", which corresponds to your ManiaPlanet ID. You can find it in your "Profile" in the "Connection" game. During the season, players on the server will only be responsible for controlling the validity of their opponents! In case of problems, take screenshots before reporting a suspicious situation.

1.8 Classification

If, at the end of the season, two teams have the same number of points, the team that won the match with the biggest difference in terms of score will be ranked first.

 2. Game Progress

2.1 Before the match

2.1.1 Match rules

For each day of play, there is a default date, which replaces all other dates:

Playday 1 - Saturday 8 June start at 14h

Day 2 - Sunday 9 June: 16h

Day 3 - Sunday 16 June: 16h

Day 4 - Sunday 23 June: 16h

Day 5 - Sunday, June 30, The winners and looser games will be all day and start at 14h.

If both teams agree, the match can be moved. It is allowed to move the match until 2 days before the default date.

2.1.2 Working of a match

The match consists of 4 submatches:

1on1: the winner gets 1 point

2on2: the winner gets 1 point

3on3: the winner gets 2 points

4on4: the winner gets 2 points

That makes a total amount of 6 points and the following results are possible: 6-0, 4-1, 4-2, 3-3 and the contrary.

These points must be entered in the results sheet. If the result is 6-0, 5-1 or 4-2 for your team, you win the match and receive 3 ranking points. The losing team receives 0 ranking points. If the match ended in a draw, 3-3, both teams receive 1 ranking point.

Parts 1 of 1, 3 of 3 and 4 of 4 are played until a team wins 7 innings (Best of 13). The 2 of 2 is played until a team wins 5 rounds (Best of 9). Therefore, the point limit for 2on2 is 5.

2.1.3 Tennis Mode

The submatches 3v3 and 4v4 have to be played in Tennis Mode. This means that the winning team needs to have 2 points more than their opponent. For example: 8-6, 9-7, 10-8.

2.1.4 Most important Server Settings

2.1.5 Maps

There will be three TDT mappacks with three mapss each, for a total of nine maps for the full TDT season. A video of the mappack will be made for maps presentations.

2.1.6 Lineup restrictions

The 1on1 player isn't allowed to play the 2on2. Therefore each participant can play a maximum of 3 submatches.

2.2 In the match

2.2.1 Changing players during a submatch

It is not allowed to change the players during a map is being played. The only exception is if a player had a disconnect and doesn't come back within 5 minutes, this player can be substituted then.

2.2.2 No Show

If a team doesn't show up within 20 minutes after the default date, you have to open a protest ticket and DO NOT set it as noshow because you cannot save a defwin! The team that didn't show up nor replied/refuses to play the match in the ticket loses the match 0-6 by a default loss and will receive 1 major penalty point. After 2 No Shows in one season, a team is disqualified from the current season.

This means that you must not set the match as exception (no-show) because we are using League Penalties, which make affect to the overall league ranking, not for the teams actual existence for the TDT!

2.3 After the match

2.3.1 Match result & Match Media

The result has to be entered and confirmed by both teams after the match has ended. Furthermore all match media (screenshots) is advised to be uploaded to the match page. If both teams accept the results, it is fixed. Should the page autoclose it during nighttime, and you have problems with the result, you have to open a support ticket. We only accept complaints, however, with screenshots or vidéo !

3. Penalties

3.1 General

If a team is breaking the rules and/or doesn't play fair according to rule 1.1, this team can receive Penalty Points (PPs). As the rulebook can't cover all possibilities, the amount of PPs will be accorded to the severity and frequency in some cases. This is valid for example for insults, spamming, using horns, unsportmanlike behaviour etc.

Please remember that we can and will only punish a team if we have clear proofs! Therefore you should always do screenshots, save replays etc incase something is going wrong!

There are Minor and Major PPs. 1 Major PP = 10 Minor PPs!

3.2 Point reduction

At the end of the group phase the PPs will reduce the teams' ranking points. Each Minor Penalty comes with 0,1 point deduction. Each Major Penalty comes with 1 point deduction. By reaching 30 minors/3majors: the team is disqualified from the current season.

3.3 Penalty Point Catalogue