Job Status

Val & Mal R (Top Camp, QLD)

Attend the clients Personal Premises and see if my Amaysim (Optus Carrier) Cell / Mobile Phone Service works at the client's Personal Premises. The clients are trying to save money and their contracts with Telstra expired in March 2018 for the Cell / Mobile Phone Service. If Amaysim works as a Cellular Service at the client's Personal Premises then they could go on a $10.00 per month pre-paid contract-free phone service each for Unlimited Calls and Messages with 1Gb of Data. If the clients must use Telstra as their carrier then they can spend on pre-paid $30.00 per month with 8Gb of Data per handset. The clients are contract free on their Landline and ADSL Internet Service however if they choose to use a residential service then they must go on a 24-month contract for their Landline and ADSL Service which is not in the clients best interests and needs given they intend to move in the not to distant future.

Status: Booked 20/12/2018

Elaine Y (Brisbane, QLD)

The client has purchased an iPad and wants all their photos transferred into iCloud. Contact the client and log into their iCloud Account with the 2-Step Authentication and recommence uploading the clients photos into their iCloud Account. Synchronisation should occur with the clients iPad automatically in Brisbane and the photo / image metadata will load when the client opens the image. Note: This job is 100% Remote Support and Cloud Based so I need this fault 35-Metres down my phone line fixed by NBN Co so my Internet is reliable.

Status: Floating Job

Pam B (Cambooya, QLD)

The client has reported their printer has catastrophically failed and must be replaced. Unpack & Install a HP 3620 All-In-One Printer on a matching Linux Desktop Operating System and install the HP Drivers from the HL . RUN Installer using Terminal as a Standard User. Test the Printer is a suitable replacement in a controlled environment by printing a test print from a Text Editor and then scanning the Test Print Page as a PDF Document. Attend the client's Personal Premises and install the replacement printer. Launch Terminal and elevate to Root User and Update the clients Linux Desktop Operating System.

Status: Floating Job

Victoria M (Middle Ridge, QLD)

The client has an old and failing Samsung Galaxy SmartPhone and they need to replace or repair it before it catastrophically fails. If the phone fails the client then they can use my 24-Hour Support Phone until they can locate a affordable and suitable replacement. Take the client to a new store in Toowoomba which stocks second-hand items and let them brows the Samsung range of second-hand SmartPhones. The client is unable to drive herself because she is legally blind and I will need to aid her in Grand Central. The client has contacted me and has let me know they are not well today (30/11/2018). I will drop off a bottle of panadol and will leave the bottle at the clients front door to help with their headache.

Status: Floating Job

Brian S (Jacobs Well, QLD)

Use Remote Support to create a Dropbox Account for the client and then transfer certain files into the Dropbox. Assist the client to install the Dropbox App on their iPad and log into their account where they will be able to access their data and files they transfer into Dropbox. Create a free Gmail Account for the client and transfer the clients Blood Sugar Spreadsheet into Google Sheets. Install the Google Sheets Application (App) on the client's iPhone and log into the client's account. Train the client how to update and enter their blood sugar results in Google Sheets. Note: This task is to be duplicated with the clients brother so both have the same system in place..

Status: Floating Job

Marie M (Kearney Springs, QLD)

Assist the client in learning how to use and manage their former husbands computer system so they can be an independent user who has confidence to control and gain from the computer system and the Linux Operating System on it.

Status: Floating Job

Amethyst Computer Technician

Conduct a Bare Metal Build of a High-End Desktop Computer and attempt to create a “Bootable Mac OS X” Desktop Computer so I can run an older Apple Operating System and use the Development Applications I need to further my Business Services and follow the “Rule of 2” where if I need one I should have a backup. I am not rich and I can not afford another overpriced Apple Computer and as such I have been forced to attempt building my own. It concerns me I only have the one machine to use and if that machine is compromised in any way then I must have a fallback plan. Requires a replacement Desktop PSU as I used the Desktop PSU to fix my housemates computer when it shorted some months ago.

Status: Floating Job

Ian P (Melbourne, VIC)

Assess the clients MacBook Pro to establish why it is constantly in a state of “processing” and report back to the client. Potentially replace faulty hardware and reinstall the Apple Mac OS (Operating System) to restore the computer to its previous functional state. Backup any client Data & Files to an External Data Source before any action taken. Client resides in Melbourne and as such delivery from the courier will take a bit of time.

Status: Pending Courier Delivery

Amethyst Computer Technician

We have the Internet again and we are back in business so to speak. When the NBN Co Technician attended our premises they listened to me and did a few more tests. Their first finding was it was a faulty NBN Modem but I have 5 of them and they all work as I would not keep a NBN Ready iiNet Modem handy if it did not work. Once I explained to the NBN Co Technician I had 5 NBN Ready iiNet Modems they did more tests and found a fault 35-Metres down the line which is above the house and on a power pole (not in the ground). Now I have lodged a Service Request with NBN Co to send out a NBN Co Authorised Technician to repair this fault so there are no more drop-outs or loss of service with the Internet. I have replaced the primary phone panel with a brand new and modern design at my own cost so it is not the modem, not the primary panel or the phone cable in the house. iiNet have also lodged a Service Request with NBN Co to have the external fault located and repaired. Once this repair is completed I plan to expand my business and commerce some well needed advertising the old fashioned ways.

Status: Pending NBN Co Attendance & Repairs

Completed Jobs

Bruce S (Drayton, QLD)

The client has been lied to and allowed cybercriminals to gain Remote Access to his laptop where they made a number of changes and were executing a custom program in MS-DOS / Command Prompt. The cybercriminals who were pretending to be Telstra wanted the client to permit them access to his bank account and on this request the client terminated the Internet Connection and shut down the computer. The client has contacted his Bank and the Bank has suspended all activity on the client's Credit & Debit Cards and all activity / transactions on the bank account in question. The bank will remove the suspension once the client has had their computer properly checked to ensure there are no 3rd Party Programs or alterations that could potentially breach the clients security. Update & Run Tech-Tools to locate, isolate and purge known infections. Update the clients 3 Free AntiVirus Programs with their Definitions Databases. Reset all networking protocols, the Windows Firewall, Windows Folder View & Settings, The Hosts File. Clear all Temporary & Unnecessary Caches. Clear all old and unnecessary Windows Updates and the Windows Error Reporting Cache. Check all 3rd Party Programs & Applications and their add-ons where necessary. Update all 3rd Party Programs & Applications to the latest versions. Conduct 3 x Full Deep System Scans to locate, isolate and purge any infections or software developed by the cybercriminals (Scan 3 of 3 completed). Conduct a Software Validation Check and if necessary conduct a Demplyment System Image Management Online System Restore to restore Windows System Files => Corrupted Files located and successfully repaired via genuine Microsoft files. Use a 3rd Party Program to optimise the systems Internal 240Gb SSD.

Status: Completed 13/12/2018 20:32 - 14/12/2018 @ 04:41

Bob & Margaret P (Rangeville, QLD)

Attend the clients Personal Premises and assist them in moving the furniture and desks in their office and install all the necessary equipment on one desk so the clients are using half of their office furniture. Place the unused furniture near the front door of the clients office room so it is easier for the desks and items to be collected by charity so it can be sold as second hand goods. Launch Terminal and elevate to Root User and Update the clients Linux Laptop Operating System. Check the clients NBN Ready iiNet Modem is working and their VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Service is functional before departing the clients Personal Premises.

Status: Completed 12/12/2018 19:03 - 19:58

Annie H (Sarina, QLD)

The client has moved their Desktop Linux Computer and the Display monitor is not working. Talk the client through the phone on how to connect the HDMI Cable from the Display Monitor to the Dedicated Graphics Card and then Power-Cycle the Desktop to properly initialise Display Output from the Dedicated Graphics Card. Talk the client through disabling Wireless Networking and enabling Wireless Networking on their Linux Desktop to refresh the Wireless Network List and automatically connect to the clients Wireless Network. Connect to the clients Apple iMac Computer via Remote Support and install 3 free Virus Scanners. Conduct 3 Full Deep System Scans to locate, isolate & purge infections on the clients Apple Mac OS X iMac. Full Deep System Scan 3 of 3 Completed. Install LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and VLC Media Player for the client. Optimise the clients Apple MAC OS X Operating System Environment for the client.

Status: Completed 11/12/2018 17:50 - 22:39

Peter D (Middle Ridge, QLD)

The client has reported their printer will not respond at all and they have a very important document they must print, sign, scan and send back to the respective party as soon as possible. Attend the clients Personal Premises and clear the Print Queue in Windows-7. Remove the failing printer from the Windows-7 Printing System. Power Cycle the clients printer to ensure it connects to the Wireless Network. Add the printer to the Windows-7 Printing System. Print Page 10 of the clients document so they can sign, scan and sent it back to the necessary parties.

Status: Completed 10/12/2018 17:26 - 17:52