MyGPS Basic & Advanced Faculty Training

Presented August 9, 2017 


 All teachers must at least do the following things:

  1. Take attendance each class period. You can now edit attendance.
  2. Post all assignments on MyGPS Assignment Center by 4:00 pm.
  3. Post major tests, projects and papers one week in advance. Don’t assign if two others have been entered.

These will be determined by the needs of the participants. This session will cover the following as time permits. All blue underlined links provide detailed information/directions in IT Support.

  • Grade book setup
  • New Gradebook Features July 2017 gradebook status, options, student visual grade report, etc.
  • Quick setup: edit setup, gradebook calculation formulas, select assignment types, percentages if used, copy to other classes, save.
  • Post by 4 pm and major tests/projects/papers one week in advance
  • Advantages for students: assignments in one place for ease of planning (like our improved GPS calendar), attach documents, videos, links. Always there for review.
  • Advantages for teachers: immediate student & class stats, accuracy, gradebook is printable (via gradebook reports).
  • Assignment Setup, add links & downloads, publish, notifications, choose Turnitin, etc.
  • Student view of assignment center (see below)
  • Major assignments: check for other subject major tests
  • Assignment center: Show student view in class: Allow a student to display with projector so that advisor/teacher can discuss. Discuss day, week, month and assigned, due, active.
  • Bulletin board: Import from last year and copy to all sections. Troubleshoot: check dates (set to show , add photos, downloads, links, etc.), publish layout changes, drag block to copied class so information has a place to land.
  • Topics: Import from last year, embed videos, add thumbnail pic, etc. Decide whether to add resources to topics, within an assignment, or both. Setup > Edit settings to add pic, change layout, copy to other classes. How to copy or share topics.
  • Calendar: Copy sections or all of the GPS calendar to your personal calendar.
  • Messages: Manage with archive and sort, send to groups from class/group roster
  • Roster: Run roster/student reports including learning profiles, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Directories: Access, sort, contact card.

Advanced Topics
This session will cover the following as time permits:

        Note that you can create a custom view and Save or Restore.

Icons on the right - List, Details, Webcal feed, Print

How to switch to a different marking period (year to semester)