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Instruction to join Slack for ICDIM 2020 poster discussions
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Dear ICDIM participant,

You are invited to join Slack for ICDIM 2020 poster discussions. In the next few days, you will receive an email to join us. Please, look below the step-by-step procedure.

1 – When receiving the email with a notification  like the figure below, just click on Sign now.

2 – You will be linked to the webpage like the one showed in the figure below. Include your full name, choose a preferred password, and click on Create Account. You can also use your Google account, if you prefer.  Just click on the appropriate button.

3 – You are now on the ICDIM2020 Workspace on Slack. The poster sessions are organized as five sessions. Choose the desired session to ask your questions and hang out with other researchers. The list of posters in each session can be found in the ICDIM2020 website.

4 – To find posters allocated to each session, you can also click on the  mark on the top right corner as shown above.

5 – Instructions to ask and answer questions.

6 – Instructions to be notified when new questions are done:


7 – How will the notifications be shown?

We hope you enjoy ICDIM 2020