Coronado High School 9th Grade Course Registration Guide 2018-19


Dear CHS Islander Class of 2022,


We are excited to welcome you to Coronado High School, Home of the Islanders!


This guide is compiled to help you with choosing your courses for next year in the context of your four-year high school plan and future goals.  8th grade students at Coronado Middle School have classroom presentations with CHS counselors in March and incoming freshmen and their families have an opportunity for a one-on-one course orientation meeting with a counselor thereafter.  Counselors remain available throughout the spring for follow-up meetings and to answer any questions and concerns!


Graduation Credit Requirements


Coronado High School's graduation credit requirements align with California State Graduation requirements.

CHS requires 230 credits for graduation.

A full-year course earns 10 credits with a passing grade.  Students earn 5 credits per course per semester with a passing grade.

230 required credits over the course of four years means students are advised to take six courses each year (for 60 credits total per year), with the option of taking 5 courses in senior year (if all graduation requirements are expected to be completed successfully).  


Students must earn the following subject-area credits for graduation:

40 credits in English

30 credits in Math

30 credits in Social Studies (1 year each of World History, US History, US Government and Economics)

30 credits in Science (1 year each of biology, chemistry, and physics)

10 credits in Foreign Language, Career/Technical Education, or the arts

20 credits in Physical Education (including Fitness for Life/Health)

70 credits in Electives


To qualify for enrollment in a California State four-year college program, students must complete the following A-G courses with a passing grade of C or higher:

A:  One year each of World History and US History/Government

B:  Four years of English Composition and Literature

C:  Three years of math (Integrated 1/Algebra, Integrated II/Geometry, Integrated III/Algebra 2) (four years recommended)

D:  Two years of Lab Science (Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics) (three years recommended and required by CHS)

E:  Two years of Foreign Language (two years of the same language, three years recommended)

F:  One year of Visual/Performing Arts

G:  Approved Academic Electives


Course Schedule Options and Bell Schedule


Coronado High School offers as many as nine course periods per day, with an optional E period before 1st period, and periods 7 and 8 dedicated to students in need of credit recovery or enrolled in our extended-day arts conservatory program, CoSA (Coronado School of the Arts; students apply for this program in February).  Students may REQUEST an E-6 or E-5 schedule, but should be aware that with limited course offerings during E Period, your child’s specific course selections may not align with the requested periods.





Period E:  7:00  -7:53 (53)

Period 1:  7:58  -8:51 (53)

Period 2:  8:56  -9:49 (53)

Break:      9:49  -        9:59 (10)

Period 3:  10:04  - 10:56 (52)

Period 4:  11:01  - 11:54 (53)

Lunch:     11:54  - 12:34 (40)

Period 5:  12:39  -  1:32 (53)

Period 6:  1:37  -2:30 (53)

Period 7:  2:40  -3:33 (53)



Period E: 7:00  -8:35 (95)

Period 1:  8:40  -  10:15 (95)

Break:        10:15  -  10:25 (10)

Period 2: 10:30  - 12:05 (95)

Lunch:     12:05  - 12:45 (40)

Period 3: 12:50  -2:25 (95)



Staff Collaboration:  7:15 -8:25 (70)

Period 4:  8:40  -  10:15 (95)

Break:        10:15  -  10:25 (10)

Period 5: 10:30  -  12:05 (95)

Lunch:     12:05  -  12:45 (40)

Period 6: 12:50  -2:25 (95)

Period 7:  2:35  -4:10 (95)


Most 9th graders will enroll in six courses for freshman year (with CoSA students enrolling in as many as eight), but students may enroll in seven courses by requesting an E period in addition to periods 1 through 6.  Students may choose this option to fit in an extra elective.  Students and families are advised that seven courses represents a significant course load with longer school days (see bell schedule below) and the likelihood of increased homework; counselors can guide students on the appropriateness of this option for individual students.  Students enrolling in six courses may REQUEST an optional E-through-5-period schedule (versus the typical 1-through-6), with school days beginning and ending earlier in the day.  Students who do not struggle with early-morning activities are more likely to thrive in an E-5 schedule.  An individual student's access to an E-5 schedule is dependent upon all of a student's course requests fitting into those periods; the E-5 schedule is NOT GUARANTEED.  


Programs Impacting Students' Course Options and Schedules

Typical 9th Grade Course Schedule

Students are advised to work with their families and counselor to devise a 9th grade schedule in the context of a personalized four-year plan.


Course Requirement

 Specific Course

1.  English

 English 9

2.  Math

 Integrated Math 1 or Integrated Math II Honors, based on prerequisites and teacher recommendation

3.  Physical Education

 Fitness for Life

4.  Science:  Biology (or Chemistry, with appropriate prerequisites and recommendation from teacher)

Students are recommended to enroll in Biology during the freshman year to fulfill one year of three science course requirements, but may enroll in Chemistry with teacher recommendation and counselor/admin approval.  See course sequences below.

5.  Elective 1:   World History 9 Honors (optional for students intending to enroll in AP Honors World History in 10th grade with teacher recommendation), Foreign Language, Special Program/Intervention, or Other

 See electives options below

6.  Elective 2:  Foreign Language, Special Program/Intervention, or Other

 See electives options below

7.  OPTIONAL 7th Period/Elective 3:   Foreign Language, Special Program/Intervention, or Other

 See electives options below



Electives for Freshmen (see this link for course descriptions:

Creative Writing



Digital Media

Electronic Music (with teacher recommendation)



Yearbook (with experience at middle school and Yearbook teacher recommendation)

Intro to Engineering

NJROTC Naval Science 1

Digital Photography

Sports Medicine


CHS Math Courses and Prerequisites

ALL students take placement tests for recommendation for honors courses.  Placement test score recommendations are given in the table below.  NOTE:  It is not unusual for students to earn one letter grade lower when moving from regular to honors, or from honors to AP.

Math Course

Prerequisite and Notes

Integrated Math 1

56% or greater (25/45).  Students scoring below this benchmark should be considered for Math Support.

Integrated Math 2

C in IM1

40% or greater (18/45)

Integrated Math 2 Honors

B in IM1 or Algebra 1

78% or better (35/45)

Integrated Math 3

C in IM1 (or Algebra 1) and IM2 (or Geometry)

67% or greater (30/45)

Integrated Math 3 Honors

B in IM2 Honors (or Geometry Honors) OR

A in IM2 (or Geometry)

78% or greater (35/45)


C- in IM3 or IM3 Honors


C- in IM3 (or Algebra 2)

50% or greater (23/45)

Pre-Calculus Honors

A in IM3 (or regular Algebra 2), OR B in IM3 Honors (or Honors Alg 2/Trig.)

63% or greater (28/45)

AP Calculus AB

C or better in Honors or B in Regular Precalculus

55% (22/45)

AP Calculus BC

C- or better in AP Calculus AB OR 3 or better on AP exam

AP Statistics

A in IM3 or Precalculus, OR B or better in Honors Precalculus, OR AP Calculus AB/BC

CHS English Courses and Prerequisites

Four years of English are required; all students take 9th grade English (no honors available)

English Course


English 10 Honors

A in English 9 or Teacher Recommendation

AP English Language (11th grade)

A in 10th-grade English or Teacher Rec

AP English Literature (12th grade)

A in 11th-grade English or Teacher Rec

CHS Social Studies Courses and Prerequisites

 One year each of World History, US History, and Government/Economics is required


Social Studies Course


World History 9 Honors (elective--not required for graduation)

B or better in previous year or teacher recommendation

AP World History (10th grade)

B or better in previous year or teacher recommendation

AP US History (11th grade)

B or better in previous year or teacher recommendation

AP US Government (and Economics) (12th grade)

B or better in previous year or teacher recommendation



AP Psychology (elective)

11th or 12th grade; 12th grade reading level




CHS Science Courses and Prerequisites

 One year each of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics is required


Science Courses

Prerequisite(s) – Minimum Requirement

College-Prep Biology


College-Prep Chemistry

Successful completion of Integrated 1 Math; concurrent enrollment in IM2 or higher, or teacher approval.

College-Prep Physics

Successful completion of Integrated Math 2 or an A/B in Integrated Math 1, or teacher approval.

AP Biology

Sophomores and higher who have successfully completed Chemistry with an A, or concurrent enrollment in Chemistry with teacher approval, and concurrent enrollment in IM2 or higher

AP Chemistry

Passed Chemistry with A (or teacher permission), passed Integrated Math 2 with A/B; completed or concurrently enrolled in IM3, or teacher approval.

AP Physics 1

Passed Integrated Math 2 with A/B; concurrent enrollment in IM3, or teacher approval.

AP Physics 2

Completed AP Physics 1 or permission from instructor

AP Environmental Studies

Sophomores and higher; Completed two years of high school science requirements (note that this elective science course does not meet the three-year science requirement)

Marine Biology (Elective Course)

None (note that this elective science course does not meet the three-year science requirement)


CHS World Languages Courses and Prerequisites

World Language Course


Spanish 2

Spanish 1 with a C or better

French 2

French 1 with a C or better

Spanish 3

In-class Spanish 2 with a C or better/ Assessment for heritage speakers

French 3

French 2 with a C or better/ Mastery of passé composé (past tense)

AP Spanish Language

Spanish 3 with a B or better/ Assessment for heritage speakers

AP French Language

French 3 with a B or better

CHS Physical Education Courses and Prerequisites

Physical Education - All Elective Physical Education classes fulfill the graduation requirement for Physical Education.  All classes are a great way for students to get activity during the day and have a class that will benefit their health now and hopefully in the future.  



Fitness for Life


Weight Training Body Toning and Conditioning







None.  Includes Health component of Freshman PE.  Freshmen must take PE or NJROTC 1 / PE.

NJROTC 2 / Naval Science

None.  Sophomores who completed PE as a Freshman are welcome to take NJROTC 2 as their second required year of PE.

Naval Science III

None.  Juniors with no previous NJROTC classes are welcome.

Naval Science IV

None.  Seniors with no previous NJROTC classes are welcome.

CHS Arts Courses and Prerequisites

Arts Course


Advanced Ceramics


Advanced Woodworking


Advanced Digital Photography

Digital Photography

AP Music Theory

Music experience; placement assessment

Advanced Art

Beginning Art

AP Studio Art

Advanced Art

Art Portfolio

Advanced Art

CHS Career/Technical Courses and Prerequisites




Sophomore or higher or teacher recommendation

Advanced Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Engineering Sequence

Intro to Engineering or teacher approval

AP Computer Science Principles


AP Computer Science (JAVA)

Integrated Math 2