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1.        Authority

The policy of the Board in the hiring of personnel for extracurricular vacancies shall be:

  1. To hire qualified, in-house certified staff whenever possible to fill a vacancy.

  1. To hire qualified, part-time coaches when no in-house staff member is interested in the position.

  1. To re-hire a part-time coach each year if s/he has satisfactorily met the needs of the job in the previous season(s).

  1. To hire a qualified, in-house candidate if and when the part-time coach resigns or is asked to resign the position in question.

2.        Guidelines

Extracurricular appointments are made on an annual basis and are arranged for on an individual basis.

Every teacher is expected to render a reasonable amount of service to the students of the school requiring time beyond the limits of the regular school day. Every principal attempts to use every teacher's talents to the best advantage and to assign duties required of all in an equitable manner. When the time required exceeds what is normally expected of each teacher, extra compensation beyond the base salary will be paid per approved plan.

Those wishing to be relieved of extracurricular responsibilities should make this known in writing within one (1) month after the event or season. As a reciprocal procedure, if an employee is not to be reappointed to an extracurricular responsibility, s/he will be notified within one (1) month after the presentation or close of the season.

A vacancy will be assumed to exist and will be posted whenever a coach or extracurricular advisor resigns or is asked to resign or does not respond to requests from the administration with regards to his/her intent for the following season.


Any person hired to perform an extracurricular position will be considered an employee of the District. Therefore, the compensation paid to the employee will be paid through the District payroll fund.

If the person hired for the extracurricular position is already an employee of Governor Mifflin School District, the supplemental wage, if $100.00 or less, will be added to the employee's regular earnings. If the supplemental earnings are greater than $100.00, the extra earnings will be issued in a separate check with a flat twenty percent (20%) withheld for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Payment for extracurricular activities will be made in a lump sum upon completion of the assignment unless special arrangements are made at the time of the acceptance of assignment.

The payment request form is attached to the assignment sheet distributed prior to the start of the school year.

Coaches Only

Fifty percent (50%) of the payment will be made at the mid-point of the season. Final payment will be made upon completion of all duties including: obtaining all uniforms issued, equipment issued, and papers filed.

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