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Signature Day Hike
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Tour Gros Morne Signature Day Hikes

This is a full day,  guided hike of one of the amazing and challenging peaks in the park. Experience views of the UNESCO World Heritage sites like no other. If you like being challenged and enjoy a full day of physical activity in a uniquely beautiful environment, this is the tour for you. The day includes an informative and passionate guide and custom-made daily lunches.

Important to note. These are full day (5-9 hrs), moderate to challenging hikes. The terrain varies from scree (a mass of small loose stones that form or cover a slope on a mountain.) loose stones, rocks, bogs, fields, forests.  You must be in good physical shape and have some experience with hiking in order to partake.


 - Please advise of:
Number of guests and Accommodations for pick up
Number of packed lunches (additional cost)and any dietary restrictions or allergies
Mobility concerns or requests

The day starts off meeting your guide at your accommodations or at Norris Point Waterfront. We will have your packed lunches and hiking poles with us. Please see the descriptions below of the day hikes that are offered.

The Tablelands; 12 km, 700 meters, challenging.

Depending on the location of your accommodations our day may begin with a water shuttle ride from the Norris Point waterfront across picturesque Bonne Bay to Woody Point. Your guide will drive you the short distance to the Tablelands. This barren, mars-like landscape of mantle rock that once lay beneath the Earth’s crust is one of the main reasons why Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our hike takes you by numerous waterfalls as you reach the summit of the mountain at 700m.  This offers panoramic views into Winterhouse Brook Canyon and beyond to Bonne Bay and the Long Range Mountains.

Duration: 7 hours over constant rocky and exposed terrain.

Gros Morne Mountain; 17km, 806 meters, challenging.

Your guide will shuttle you to the Gros Morne Mountain trailhead just outside Rocky Harbour. This challenging hike leads to the Arctic alpine of the Long Range Mountains where Moose and Rock Ptarmigan are common in a rugged barren terrain. This is the highest point in Gros Morne National Park at 806 meters and offers spectacular views overlooking the glacier-carved fjords of Bonne Bay and Ten Mile Pond.

Duration: 7 - 8 hours over scree, and rocky exposed terrain.


Green Gardens; 10 km, 250 meters, moderate.

Depending on accommodation you will start the day on the water shuttle across Bonne Bay to Woody Point, your guide will shuttle you to the Green Gardens trailhead. This trail which descends 230m to sea level is one of the most diverse hikes in the park. The route descends from the Earth’s mantle of the Tablelands, traverses Arctic alpine rock gardens and descends into the boreal forest valley featuring some of the oldest and largest trees in the park. At the coast explore the grassy meadows, rock pillars, ancient volcanic sea-stacks and rugged cliffs left behind from an ancient volcanic island. We head to the coastline and find the hidden waterfalls and sea caves.

Duration: 5 hours over rock, meadow, forest and stone.

Lookout Hills; 14 km, 700 meters, challenging.

We start our trek through town and up hillside trail through thick Boreal forest with beautiful views as we climb. We quickly break out onto the alpine plateau where moose are often seen. It is very soft underfoot for the majority of the hike but may be wet as it is bog land.  Another short climb up the scree  and across the rock ridge we reach the summit. In addition to spectacular views, often considered the best in the park, you can often see north all the way to Cow Head.

Duration: 7-8 hours forest, rock, bog, scree

Trout River Pond; 14 km, 110 meters, moderate.

 We start the day with a water shuttle across Bonne Bay from Norris Point to Woody Point. From there it is a short drive to the community of Trout River where we will begin our hike through the glacier carved valley of Trout River Pond. The first half of the trail weaves through arctic alpine and boreal forest where caribou, moose, black bear and arctic hare are often seen. The trail opens up to Tablelands mantle rock, beautiful rust coloured peridotite rock that once lay far below the earth’s crust. Take in the breathtaking contrast of the lush, green hills on one side of the pond and the barren rust coloured Tablelands on the other.

Duration: 5 hours over rock and through forest

Little Lookout & ½ Day Tablelands; 10km, 300-500 meters, moderate.

We will venture to the start of Little Look Out Tail. A 5km trek up Partridge Hill with 300 meters of elevation. As you climb the switch back trail you will be offered marvelous views of Woody Point, Bonne Bay and the Tablelands. At the top of the hike reward yourself by relaxing in a pair of iconic Parks Canada red chairs. This is one of the very best views in the entire park. From here you can see a panoramic view of all of the National Park from Gros Morne Mountain to the Tablelands.

After this hike we will conquer the Tablelands. An incredible and rare spectacle of mountainous mantle rock. Dating back almost 500 million years ago when the tectonic plates were shifting and colliding, the Tablelands were thrust to the earth's surface. Usually far below the earth's crust, this is one of the few places in the world to see mantle rock. Your guide will lead you on the 4km walk across the peridotite ancient  rock and will disclose to you why it is so rare. You will then be lead off trail as you hike up the peridotite rock along the waterfall to the bowl of the Tablelands. Sit perched on the edge of the Tablelands while taking in the beauty of the park below.

Duration: 6 hours over lose mantle rock, forest

The day concludes with your guide returning you to your meeting point and offering up some suggestions on where to enjoy a much deserved celebratory meal.

Guests will need to bring: