ColonyShip-4: Survivors Content Reward Guidelines

Thanks for supporting CS4S by purchasing a Content Contribution Reward Tier. Your contributions to CS4S will be seen and interacted with for many hours by the players of this game. It may be translated into different languages, and players’ experiences will be shaped by it.

With that great power comes great responsibility. Because of the importance of your contributions, we need to have high and consistent standards. All of the different contributions have to mesh together within the setting.

Your contributions will be checked over and possibly edited by the developer. If it doesn’t fit into the setting we’ll contact you to let you know and ask you try again or offer a rewritten idea. Contributions that are continuously unable to fit into the setting we will rewrite as little as possible and put it into the game.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask on the Content Reward forum.

Those of you contributing only a name, you only need to read the first section, Contributing a Name.

You can read the What Could The Galaxy be Like document for information on the fictional galactic setting.

Interactions related to content submission are under the CourtneyGameStudio Privacy Policy.

This document will likely evolve as we receive feedback from supporters like you!

Contributing a Name

Names are composed of a first and last name, each of a maximum of twelve (12) characters.

Key Rules

Names in CS4S come in two varieties; terran and non-terran. If you select to provide a terran name you’ll need to also provide the desired ethnicity of the name and these names will only be seen on humans from earth (the only known humans). If you select to provide a non-terran name, you’ll simply need to provide the name, as it will be applicable to any in-game race.

You’ll want to make your contribution interesting, but not too attention-grabbing. Please don’t submit over-the-top contributions as characters are a part of the game, but they are not heroes.

Some examples of what not to submit:

Contributing a Backstory

Backstory contributions will be stories of up to 100 words that describe the story of a non-terran character from childhood to the moments before the crash of ColonyShip-4, including how this relates to their alignments and traits. An online form will be provided after the conclusion of the Kickstarter Campaign that will have fields for all required information.

A backstory can be written with a single race in mind, or it can be written to apply to any being in the CS4S Galaxy; you’ll choose which option when you submit your backstory.

What to Write

What not to Write


Gameplay Details

Gameplay details about your character that will come from the fiction you right will also be yours to choose. Their alignments and traits will, together with their backstory, create a unique, interesting individual to encounter.


Each alignment will need to be chosen for your character, these tell the game what your character is like. These alignments will determine the type of character this background is applied to. “Evil” characters will be selected from available “evil” backgrounds. Individualistic beings will be more likely to do well in unequal or tyrannical settlements, while more community minded individuals will usually do better in the egalitarian, or “helpful” settlements. When the game creates a leader-type character, it will more likely select one who is a leader and not a follower.

By the time CS4S is released the game will have a library of different characters to draw on when creating in-game storylines, and the AI will be able to select appropriate characters by searching for characters with the correct alignments.

Good or Evil?

Individualistic or Communal?

Leader or Follower?

Creative or Logical?

Introvert or Extrovert?

Hardworking or Lazy?

Suspicious or Trusting?

Greedy or Giving?

Cautious or Reckless?

More alignments may be available to choose from after the Kickstarter Campaign succeeds. As well, the different alignments may end up being more of a scale between the two opposites, rather than one or the other.


Traits will directly affect some skills for the character you write a backstory for. These traits will predispose your character to be used in different ways by players of CS4S. More traits will likely become available as we receive feedback from supporters like you!

Positive Traits

Natural Leader - Grants two skill levels in one randomly selected leadership skill (backstory includes character spending significant time in a leadership position, whether military, political, or commercial)

Athletic - Grants the Sprinter skill (backstory includes character running track or playing sports at a college level or above)

Former Soldier - Grants two skill levels in one randomly selected soldering skill (backstory includes character spending significant time in a military force)

Scientifically Minded - Grants two skill levels in one randomly selected scientific skill (backstory contains significant work as scientist, mad scientist, etc)

Technically Gifted - Grants two skill levels in one randomly selected scientific skill (backstory contains significant work as a technician/mechanic/software developer/etc)

Adaptable - Skills in all categories cost less experience to acquire (backstory contains significant evidence of character’s adaptability)

Negative Traits

Slow - Character Is not able to “dash” (backstory contains an injury or other reason for decreased speed)

Weak Upper Body - Disables ability to use thrown weapons (backstory reflects an injury to the upper body or other reason for weak upper body)

Fears Responsibility - Leadership Skills will require more experience to acquire (backstory contains significant evidence of fear of leadership)

Low Intelligence - Leadership, Medical, and Technical skills will require more experience to acquire (backstory contains significant evidence of low intelligence)

Other Traits

With CS4S in an early state of development, the opportunity to create new traits exists. Please feel free to email with your ideas for traits that your character backstory could have if you do not feel traits from the above list are right for your character backstory.

When Does The Story You Write End?

Your character’s backstory ends when you reach the point where you character is living the life and doing the things they are when ColonyShip-4 crashes. Do not write about their reaction to the crash.


Please use the following codes to replace your character’s name, race, and related pronouns.

[CHARACTER_RACE] The character’s race

[CHARACTER_RACEPOSSESIVE] Voorwix/Shad’Ra’an/Bitheranian/Krazolokist

[CHARACTER_NAME] The character’s full name

[CHARACTER_FIRSTNAME] The character’s first name

[CHARACTER_LASTNAME] The character’s last name




An example: “[CHARACTER_FIRSTNAME] was a stout supporter of [CHARACTER_RACEPOSSESIVE] values.” Would show as “Jeffery was a stout supporter of Krazolokist values.”

Contributing a Weapon or Piece of Equipment

When you are creating a weapon or piece of equipment in game you will be helping us to design a new gameplay element within CS4S. It could very well introduce new gameplay into the game; new skills, new effects, etc. This is a very open process and one that will require us to work directly with you on the design. Please feel free to email me at if you’d like to “pre-approve” your idea before you purchase this tier.

Contributing a Race

Creating a race in the CS4S galaxy is a very open, but also very important, task. Please read the backstory information to get a better idea of what is out there and how the galaxy you’ll be creating this race to exist in works. Please email me at if you’d like to “pre-approve” your idea before you purchase this tier.


General Notes

Fictional Fit

Everything that we put into CS4S together must fit. It must fit the story and it must fit the gameplay. Doing both can be a challenge, but if you’ve tried the demo and read the background information for the game, I’m sure you’ll do fine. You can also always email me at if you have any questions or need any help with your content contribution.