Terms and Conditions for Mad on Darts 2018 finals night prize structure

1. Finals night will be made up of the top 16 players in the ranking points (Male, female, youth, junior).  If a players finish on the same number of ranking points order will be decided by player that has the most main round points won.

2. Finals night will be a seeded event see structure below


3. Players participate in MOD events during 2018, where 1 leg = 1 ranking point.  Any bye game counts as legs won.

4. There is no minimum or maximum number of events that can be played in.

5. There will be no cash alternative to Q School prize.  If the winner of the event chooses not to take the opportunity of Q School the prize structure table will be adjusted to allow 2nd place to take the opportunity and so on... and prize fund would move up.  For example if the Winner and 2nd place decide not to go to Q School then 1st would get 2nd prize $, 2nd would get 3rd prize and 3rd would get the Q School fund.

6. Mad on Darts has the final decision in any dispute.

7. Mad on Darts reserves the right to change, amend or alter the prize structure at any time.  We do not foresee this happening but we are nonprofit and rely on player and clubs participation in the successful events leading up to the finals night.  As long as the events are supported by players and clubs these events will continue to grow and offer more towards the progression and growth of NZ darts.

8. Youth and Ladies Finals will have a CASH prize only.  If the Youth and Ladies are in the top 16 rankings they will also play in the top 16 main event with further prize fund opportunities along with the opportunity to play at Q School.

9. Players are responsible for all their own travel and accommodation to finals night and must check in to the venue before 4pm on the day of the day of the event.

10.  Players that identify that they will not be available for finals night will be replaced and ranking table adjusted to enable the 17th, 18th, …..person to take part in the event.

11. Players must indicate to Mad on Darts if they will be accepting the Q School prize if won, before finals night.

12. If a playoff is required it will be under the direction of Mad on Darts, ideally on finals night.

13. Q School Prize will be equal to cost of a return flight, 7 days accommodation, and entry fees to Q School.  

14. The Q School prize will be organised in consultation with the winner and Mad on Darts to ensure the best for both parties.

15. The player is responsible for any passport, visa or other requirements to be able to participate at Q School.

16. FINALS NIGHT WILL BE HELD AT WESTOWN, NEW PLYMOUTH ON 8TH DECEMBER 2018. Games will be on stage with walk on music, and large screen display.

17. Entry fee to finals night must be paid by all spectators, these entry fees will be added to the MOD prize fund.  NO GUEST/PARTNER passes will be issued to players. Standard entry to finals night will be $15, with other spectator entries on offer e.g. VIP, GOLD, SILVER seating etc.  These will be announced closer to the time.

18. ALL players that participate in finals night will win a cash prize.  The cash prize is dependent on the success of 2018 MOD tour.