#182 - Into the Nexus: “A Lich in the Matrix”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

First season I haven’t immediately placed since I started the stream in 2015. Been enjoying Kel’Thuzad too darn much.


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Kel’Thuzad Release

New Map Rotation

Win-rate: 45.5%

Shadow Fissure 84% pick rate, but 1% lower winrate than Frost Blast



Other Patch Results:

Master 1000

Players can now place into 1000 master. How did it work out for them?


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Roles in Competitive Via YoDa

Are these roles viable for Hero League? How do we inform it.

The way most players see HotS, there aren't too many defined roles - there's pretty much a tank, a healer, and 3 "flex." I'm writing this post to set out what I think the roles are in competitive HotS. Most teams are pretty close to this with a couple swaps on heroes for comfort (ex: on roll20 I was the primary offlaner but when we picked li-ming I would swap roles with prismaticism). It helps to define everything because then players have an easier time figuring out what they should be doing during the game. Obviously this is HotS so there will be exceptions but my goal here is to provide a baseline.

1. Tank - this one's obvious, almost every comp has a main tank. He makes space during fights and leads the charge when going into unscouted territory.

Hero examples: Garrosh, Muradin, ETC, Johanna

Player examples: KingCaffeine, Justing, Breez, JayPL

2. Healer - also obvious, almost every comp has a main healer. He makes the HP go up. Usually want him together with the main DPS since those generally can't heal themselves and need heals to skirmish.

Hero examples: Malfurion, Rehgar, Kharazim, Uther

Player examples: akaface, Buds, SmX, Bakery

3. Soaker - you almost never see a team roaming as 5.. usually there is someone off soaking. It's not always the same guy, but this is the one you usually want to be last to the fight because he was catching that last wave. Some people just call this role "melee flex" but I don't like that name because the hero doesn't always have to be melee.

Hero examples: Dehaka, Malthael, Illidan, Xul, Zagara

Player examples: MichaelUdall, Goku, Wubby, Zaelia

4. Main DPS - the hero that does the damage. Every team has one. Even your "5 support lol" team has one. It doesn't always have to be a "ranged assassin" (ex: malthael main DPS, illidan main DPS, hammer, etc) but it usually will be.

Hero examples: Greymane, Kel'thuzad, Lunara, Valla, Li-Ming, Chromie

Player examples: Fan, Prismaticism, Quackniix, Mene

5. Roamer - this role is the most flexible (the only role I would actually call a flex). It can be a second support, a "specialist" (i hate that term), a second DPS, a third tank, whatever the comp needs.

Hero examples: Tyrande, Medivh, Tassadar, Falstad, Zeratul, Abathur, Genji

Player examples: k1pro, Glaurung, schwimpi, Snitch

There are a lot of heroes that fit multiple roles (obviousy, every support is eligible for "roamer" and "support" in current meta). Another example would be Arthas - can be played main tank or offlane, same with ETC (apparently). Abathur is another example of a hero that can be offlane or roamer (but can only play offlane against heroes with no push potential like malthael).

Comps without one of the first 4 categories are usually really exploitable. A comp with no support can't deal with poke. A comp with no tank can't get positioning around objectives. A comp with no main dps can't reliably kill anything. A comp with no soaker gets outpushed / soaked.

Anyway the purpose of this post was to share how I think about roles in this game and hope it will create a baseline for others to build off of to get an actual real role system so we don't have GM hero league games with no offlaner or with sonya solo tank, etc.




I have seen ETC being played more and more. I thought he was too weak? Is this because he provides more Cc/ displacement, or has there been enough time for everyone to forget the old build that was nerfed in favor of something new?


What do you look at Dunktrain when analyzing personal stats.

Hey guys, I've recently fallen into this huge slump right now, my last 20 matches has been 17 losses and 3 wins, and this is all in quick match. I'm not sure what's going on right now and why I keep getting my face pounded in, it doesn't matter when I switch between my best heroes such as Kerrigan, Cassia, Valla ect. it just seems to keep getting worse and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Here's my Hots logs profile: https://www.hotslogs.com/Player/Profile?PlayerID=8282863

Maybe the issue is I'm just doing too much quick match and the chaos has been eating away at my skills or whatever, I'm just kind of at a lost right now and I want to know what I'm doing wrong, sorry this probably isn't enough info to help me, but I'm at a loss.


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