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Math-9             Math-10       Functions-11


Functions & App11                    Calculus-12


Adv.Functions-12               Data Mgt12

Science-9          Science -10             Chemistry11


Biology11         Physics 11              Chemistry 12


Biology12         Physics 12                





English-9               English-10        English-11


English-11C           English-12             English-12C

Geography                             History


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*Group sessions (3-5 students) will be booked in advance to facilitate scheduling

*Group sessions run on a predetermined schedule and are non-refundable

*Exam Prep Packages for  grade 9 & 10 are 10 hours each @ $250

*Exam Prep Packages for  grade 11 & 12 are 12 hours each @ $300

*Group sessions are conditional upon meeting minimum number of participants requirement

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Fees =  $250 X _____ (# of grade 9 or 10 courses)=


Fees =  $300 X _____ (# of grade 11 or 12 courses)=


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