Samuel Jackman Middle School

Club Live Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Newsletter

May is National Bike Safety Month. Club Live students at Samuel Jackman Middle School promoted Bike Safety Month on their campus by distributing reflective safety gear and flyers with bicycle safety tips.

Helmet safety inspections were also provided to ensure helmets fit properly. In addition, students hosted a bicycle & pedestrian trivia game after school and during their school’s Open House Night.

A helmet is like candy, it is hard on the outside and squishy inside. When you hit your head, the hard shell of the helmet spreads the force of the impact over a broader area and the softer inner liner squeezes to absorb the energy of the impact.

When you don’t wear a helmet your skull and brain take the full impact. The brain is like a bowl of jelly and even a small bump can cause permanent injury. Research is showing the long-term effects of concussions in sports and other activities. You only get one brain so it is important to protect it.

Club Live students reviewed the school policy around bicycle and pedestrian safety and brainstormed traffic safety issues they see at their school. The students created recommendations of what can be improved to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety during drop off and pick up times. The students invited administration to a chapter meeting and presented their concerns and the following recommendations for students:

As we head into summer vacation, please be aware of your child’s safety. Encourage them to practice the safety habits we’ve been instilling these last several months to help create a culture of traffic safety in our community and develop attitudes that support lifelong traffic safety values that will encourage students to make safe decisions when they become teen drivers.

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.