2017 Huff Auction FAQs

Q. What is the Huff Auction?

A. The Auction is the Huff Parent Teacher Association’s (PTA)’s biggest fundraiser.  The Huff PTA coordinates and sponsors many community events at Huff, provides funding for programs supporting curriculum, enrichment programs, technology, and even maintaining and improving the Huff campus. Parent participation at the Huff auction is critical for the PTA to continue funding all these wonderful programs at the school.


Q. How can I help or participate at the Huff Auction?

A. There are many ways you can participate at the Huff auction

Please contact the Auction Chair, Suzanne Shultz, at auction@huffpta.org if you have donations, ideas, suggestions, questions or can volunteer!


Q. What can I donate to the Huff auction?

A.  You can  host a party, donate sports or theater tickets, donate a few days in a timeshare, prepare a dinner, provide a tour of your workplace with lunch or anything else you can think of! See older catalogs for inspiration - 2016, 2015.

Please contact Auction Chair, Suzanne Shultz, at auction@huffpta.org if you have any ideas or suggestions!


Q. What parties can I host? Does it need to be a big event?

A.You can host parties for kids or adults or families. It can be whatever size you prefer - small or large groups! Some suggestions/ideas:

To inspire those who love to entertain, here are some party & event ideas:


To inspire the chefs, here are some food related ideas:

Do you own a timeshare or vacation home?  Consider donating a long-weekend or even a week getaway. These are extremely popular at our Live Auction.


Do you have access to sports tickets or golf course access? Tickets to local sporting events are very popular (Stanford, Cal, San Francisco Giants, San Jose Sharks, 49ers, Warriors, etc.)


Do you love to drink wine or enjoy an amazing cup of coffee? Here’s some ideas to inspire beverage donations:

Do you or any of your friends or family own a Business? Consider placing an advertisement in the Huff Auction Catalog. Our auction catalog to be seen by over 600 families. You can download the Auction Advertising Forms to share with your friends and family.

Be creative! Partner with other parents to make it more fun! Help host an existing party! 

See older catalogs for inspiration - 2016, 2015.


Q. Where do the items come from?

 A. Items in the auction are donated by businesses, Huff families, teachers and staff.

Q. Who pays for the parties?

A. Huff families and teachers sponsor the parties AND pay all expenses.


Q. How will the auction proceeds be used?  

A. All auction proceeds are used to fund the Huff PTA.  The Huff PTA coordinates and sponsors many community events at Huff, provides funding for programs supporting the curriculum,  enrichment programs, technology, software and helps with maintaining and improving the Huff campus.


Q. Why should I attend the Huff Auction?

 There are many reasons to come to the Huff Auction but here are some we hear from parents -  



Q. But I don’t want to buy anything at the auction …

A. There is no obligation to buy anything. Come and have a good time!


Q. Can I participate in the auction without coming to the event?

A. Yes, you can register for a bid number and have a friend bid for you at the auction.


Q. When and where is the Huff Auction?

A. Mark your calendars now!

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017

6:30 - 11:00pm

Mountain View Senior Center

266 Escuela Ave, Mountain View


Q. What is the dress code?

A. Dress up if you like, but there is no required dress code for the party. It’s a great excuse to go a little glam and have some fun.


Q. What happens at the event?

A. There are two main parts to the auction - the silent and live auction. You can indulge on some wonderful food and beverages while connecting with the community, making new friends (and of course benefiting the children).  

Various items are available at the auction including goods, services donated by businesses in the community. There is an opportunity to bid on spots at great parties for both adults and children.  


Q. How does the silent auction work?

A. All of the silent auction items are set out on tables at auction venue. Each auction item is identified with a unique number, and each item is accompanied by its own silent auction bid sheet. Bidders walk around the displays and write down their bid on the bid sheets using their name or a bidder number as identification. If someone wants to bid higher, they write down a new bid on the next line of the bid sheet.  Signs will clearly display when bidding ends on auction items.  Throughout the evening you’re encouraged to check on items of interest to make sure you were not outbid before the auction period for that item closes. Winners are charged for their purchases at the cash-out area and take their items home at the end of the event.


Q. What is a live auction?  

A. The Huff Auction will contain a short live auction following the silent auction. All items up for bid during the live auction will be on display throughout the evening. The live auction will be conducted by our auctioneer who will begin by describing the item up for bid and asking for an opening bid. Simply raise i your hand to participate in the bidding. The auctioneer will then keep asking for increased bid amounts until the highest bidder is found. Once the bidding has ended, the auctioneer will announce that the item has sold and the winning bidder.  


Q. Where can I find out about the auction items available?

A. You will receive an email with a link to the catalog a few days before the auction. The catalog includes a complete description for each item, its value, and its item number. You can use the catalog to help plan your bidding. Live auction item winners are announced during the event.


Q. How do I obtain a bid number?  

A. You will need to register before the event to get a bid number. You can register for the event at www.huffptaauction.com. A few days after you register for the event you will receive an email invitation to request a bid number. Please complete this step to receive a bid number in advance of the event. You can also choose to register for the event at the Auction. We encourage everyone to register in advance to avoid long registration lines at the night of the event.


Q. Do I have to pre-purchase or purchase alcoholic beverages (beer and wine)?  

A. No, all food and beverages at the event are complimentary.  Admission is also free! However, if you would like to make a $25 donation to help defray the costs of food and drink you can do so when you register for the event or on the evening of the event.


Q. What method of payment can I use at the Huff Auction?  

A.  Credit card is the preferred payment method. Personal checks will also be accepted.


Q. Are children allowed to attend the Auction?  

A. No.  This is an adults-only event. The YMCA at Huff will provide child care on Auction night, November 4 from 6:00pm - 10:30pm. Kids will enjoy an evening of fun, games, food, prizes and more. Event includes: Dinner, games, prizes and a special dessert. Advance signup is required. For more details, contact Director- Robert Muniz at rmuniz@ymcasv.org or (650) 429 1366. Cost is $35 per child.