Array of Things Public Meeting Notes

October 18, 2017   |   5:30pm — 7:30pm    |    Association House  


Example of what notes become once they are organized and cleaned.


The website has not changed and stated a lot expectations that have passed. Is there a commitment to show that the project is alive? Can you give us some background why the nodes did not go out as expected?

What is the range of each individual sensor?

Could we optimize the box by reducing the complexity of the box and moving that into a data center?

Are you measuring light?

Is there thought going into upgradability? Or create a stackable structure with new technologies/features?

What type of internet infrastructure is required? Is that equally distributed throughout the city?

Will there be a point that sensor data to affect how the city reacts to the data? Ex: if there are sirens could it switch the traffic lights.

Sensors in the camera for ordering 311 services?

Sound sensors to capture gunshots and where?

Positive comment from an educator of Humboldt Park.

Do you process part of the data and then make it available? Or is it raw data?

How do you ensure your sensors are working?

How do you ensure that data will be comparable when systems are upgraded?

How long has this project been going on?

Can you speak more to the vibrations and how those used?

Availability of data? There is data from two nodes but where is it accessed?

Community brainstorming (30 min.)

Note: Table worksheets will be collected and pictures will be taken of maps and posters around the room. No notes are needed!