Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Featured Forger: Brock S.


Unbending champions of faith and law, Crusaders are followers of the Zakarum religion, once tasked with containing Mephisto beneath Travincal temple. Though it was an ultimately doomed quest, they nevertheless pressed forward, now surviving as devoted followers focused on restoring purity to a corrupt land.

Brock’s Choices





Trait- “Law of Justice” Passive

When Sigvard is surrounded by two or more enemies he gains 25 armor Active: Activate to give allies in range 50 armor for 3 secs CD 30 secs

Q- “Smite” CD 5 Seconds

Strike the ground dealing AOE dmg in a half circle area in front him. Those hit directly by the smite are stunned by .75 secs while on the outer edges of the circle take 50% dmg

W- “Holy Cause” CD 8 Seconds

For 3 secs dmg absorbed (up to 105 at base) by Sigvard can be used to heal an ally can store up to 2 charges

E- “Consecration” CD 15 Seconds

Sigvard kneels consecrating the ground around him allies in the circle are healed for 280 (+4% per level) and are granted 35 armor for 3 seconds

Heroic 1- “Heaven’s Fury” CD 80 Seconds

A brilliant light shines down on an area surrounding Sigvard this area is encompassed with power from Akarat healing allies equal to half their missing health pool (ex. Missing 500 health then you’d be healed for 250) 15% of total healing done will apply as AOE dmg to any enemies standing in the area.

Heroic 2- “Fist of the Heavens” CD 70 Seconds

Call forth a pillar of lightning from the heaven which explodes dealing 10% of enemy's missing health as damage and slowing them by 45% for 3 secs

Jeff’s Choices





"Would you rather face ten opponents who are slightly injured? Or seven healthy opponents, who are distracted by the three corpses at your feet?"

Trait- “Bottleneck”

The fantasy with this support crusader build is that with extreme precision he is able to phonomally support his allies. This trait Bottleneck is passive and gives Drakon an edge on the enemy team when they are weak. If the enemy team is outnumbered on the battlefield all of Drakon’s abilities have buffed numbers.

Mount- Crusader Mount with War Banner

Q- “Smite” CD 5 Seconds Featured Forger Ability

Strike the ground dealing AOE dmg in a half circle area in front him. Those hit directly by the smite are stunned by .75 secs while on the outer edges of the circle take 50% dmg

W- “Punish”

With this ability Drakon swings both his sword and shield at a target hitting them for a significant amount of damage. When the enemy is hit with this it puts a debuff on them making the chance that they hit targets go down. This ability stacks, eventually completely blinding the target making it impossible to land a blow. The debuff stacks eventually drop off the enemy.

E- “Lord Commander”

The Crusader inspires a target friendly hero to charge into battle granting them 50% of their overall health back. Over a short period of time they will lose 40% of their health as damage over time unless inspired again.

Heroic 1- “Make Camp

Drakon pulls out a fireplace and sits at a camp. Allied players have the ability to activate the campfire if they are close and join him restoring all health over a short period of time. During this short time they are seen passing wine and having a relaxing time telling war stories. The heal would be as fast as the “hall of storms heal” and players can leave early if they wish.

Heroic 2- “Law of Hope”

Drakon calls forth the power of the heavens and all damage done to enemies in an area of light will insead heal all of his allies for 50% of the amount of damage that would have been dealt. This effect lasts for a very short amount of time, forcing the Crusader to place the light in a precise location to gain the most value.

Specialty Skin: History Teacher with books and a ruler

Dance: Drunken “Cup Dance” with a glass of wine

Kristen’s Choices

Tough Love






Laws of Justice - Featured Forger Ability

Sigvard believes in the crusade and believes in the word. A fanatic in his own right, he takes to the battlefield, reading from the crusader scriptures to bolster the will of his own team. As a passive, the chanting from Sigvard gives an armor increase to all nearby allies. Activating it switches the armor type between physical and spell.


        Noble Steed

Any true knight has with him a noble steed decked out in armor that matches its rider.


Sacred Swipes

When activated, Sigvard sees the low health of his compatriots and decides to toughen them up. Hitting them with his flail, each hit heals the target allies while granting them a holy radiance that reduces how much damage they take for the next few seconds.


Heaven’s Wrath

Nothing infuriates Sigvard more than fellow Heroes that lack the health to stand up to face their foes. Calling to the heavens, a bolt is shot down to the ground, striking a target Ally Hero. When hit, that ally gains a shield equal to the amount of health they’re missing


        Hear My Call

Sigvard hoists a banner high into the air and starts up a hymn well known by the crusader order. This hymn acts as a heal over time to all those friendlies that stand close enough to hear it.



Summoning a phantom mount, Sigvard takes off, knocking down and damaging enemies that are hit by this ability. Friendlies are healed and granted damage-soaking auras. This ability lasts long enough to keep knocking enemy players down at least three time.


        Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

After an extended prayer said out loud for all to hear, Sigvard chucks the Holy Hand Grenade at a target where it explodes upon impact, killing them if they are not at full health. Holy shrapnel flies outward, dealing damage to nearby enemies.


        Solaire-vard of Astora

                A seeker of sunlight, Solaire-vard wants to find his own spot of sun.



        Praise the Sun

Crusaders are a holy order, seeking to bring light to the darkest of places. What’s more fitting then than to praise the sun?