Mr. Fagan

Welcome to HKIS Physical Education, your student will continue to be introduced to physical education in Regional School District 17 through large muscle locomotor movements to form the basic movement patterns used in individual activities and team sports.  These movements are the framework for our physical education progression, and are performed in a non-competitive, open spaced setting.  Additionally students will be taught the benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle.  Most importantly, your child will have fun throughout the process!

Most classes will consist of 3 basic components:

  1. Fitness
  1. Your child will learn and apply fitness principles at the beginning of each class.  Students will utilize different exercises during circuit training to further develop fitness stamina and knowledge.
  1. Skill Practice
  1. From throwing to cup-stacking your student will practice many different motor skills and patterns. Students know that practice doesn’t always make perfect, but they do know that what and how they practice is usually how they perform.
  1. Application
  1. Students will have an opportunity each class to combine their concept and skill knowledge and utilize it in a performance/game setting.


Each class period your child will be assessed in the following areas in order to determine their progression toward meeting end of the trimester grade-level standards:                

  1. Participation- Students are expected to actively participate in all activities for the duration of each class.
  2. Effort/Attitude- Students are expected to exhibit a positive attitude and do their best even when an activity is challenging for them or is not one of their “favorite” activities.
  3. Sportsmanship/Teamwork-  Students are expected to play fair, be supportive and respectful of their classmates and be a positive member of the class.
  4. Responsibility- Students are expected to share the gym safely, take proper care of the equipment and follow physical education class rules.
  5. Dress Code – Students must wear athletic sneakers to participate in class.  It is encouraged that students wear athletic clothes to school on their PE day. Loose dangly jewelry is not allowed to be worn in PE class.  Improperly dressed students will not be allowed to participate.

** Medical Notes – All medical notes must be cleared through the school nurse prior to the start of class. Parental notes will be an acceptable excuse for one class but a doctor’s note is required for multiple absences Medical notes from doctors should have a date indicating when the child is able to return to class.  

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