Fifth-Grade Learning Outcomes - Third Grading Period

This document highlights the focus standards for each grading period. Teachers may choose to review previously taught standards as well.

Language Arts - Reading

Expands vocabulary

meanings of words

Demonstrates comprehension of fictional texts, narrative nonfiction and poetry

Reads and demonstrates comprehension of  nonfiction texts

Language Arts - Writing

MODE – Informative: explanatory, short report

Writes for a variety of purposes

Edits writing for correct grammar, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and paragraphing

Finds, evaluates and selects appropriate resources for a research product



The 2017-18 year is a crosswalk year for grades 3-5 math as both the 2009 and the 2016 VDOE standards will be taught. The asterisk (*) indicates a new 2016 standard that will be field tested on the SOL test this year, so it will be not be part of the student's overall SOL score.

Computation and Estimation



Probability and statistics


Scientific investigation/reasoning/logic

Earth patterns, cycles and changes

Force, motion, energy and matter

Social Studies

Middle East geography            

Middle East history and culture                                      

African geography

Early African History and Culture or Contemporary African History and Culture