CRAFT or CROOK: Determining Credible Online Resources? by Jean Darnell

CRAFT = Credentials Reason Authentic Factual Traceable
CROOK = Chaotic Rushed Opinionated Offensive Kidnapped

Objective: SWBAT determine reliable online websites, evaluate credibility of the digital page, and identify characteristics of reputable digital resources.

Grade Level: Grades 5-12.

AASL Standards: Inquire (A1, A2, B1-3, C1-4, D1-2), Collaborate (A2, B2, C1, D1), Explore (A3, C2-3, D2-3) and Engage (A1-3, B2-3, D2).

Key Terms: Reliable, Digital, Reasonable, Evaluate, Credibility, Quality, Quantity, Cheap, Coveted, Persuasion, Query.

Resources Needed: Computers w/online access, dictionaries (online fine), pen/paper.

Procedure: Instructor will begin by connecting previous knowledge over characteristics of "quality" toys versus "quantity" toys.

To make an authentic connection think "Made in America" vs "Made in China."
Big Idea Question: What makes a toy "cheap" or "coveted?" Created by AwakenLibrarian

The students are encouraged to discuss w/table or shoulder partner and share answers out loud so that the instructor can create a checklist on the dry erase board. (3-5 mins)

The instructor will introduce new acronyms CRAFT and CROOK with a Google Slide presentation. (8-10 mins)
Big Idea Question: What are the commonalities between cheap/coveted AND CRAFT/CROOK?

The students will split into 4 groups to research one of the following topics through
Peak 2 Peaks Secondary Resources Page: myths about vaccines, truth about global warming, emotional burn-out in kids, 4-day school week.

The group will evaluate/grade the websites they find to determine characteristics of CRAFT or CROOK (as presented in Google Slides) for their topic. Writing in complete sentences, the students will briefly explain how the website demonstrated the characteristics of either side. The student must cite their website example of CRAFT/CROOK using MLA format and an
annotated screenshot.

Using a simple points rubric, the students will add 5 points for every CRAFT trait and subtract 4 points for every CROOK trait. Each website starts at 50 points.
Created by AwakenLibrarian

They will need at least 1 example of CRAFT and CROOK to complete the Academic Challenge. The students may find that it’s easier to find a CROOK example using Google search engine.  Those that finish early can find a 2nd example for +5 on quiz or ready their "Exit Ticket." (10-12 mins)

Big Idea Question: Is there ever a good reason for a CROOK website? Possible Answer: Persuasion, Friendship. Suggest: Would you rather think for yourself or have someone else do it?

The instructor will draw from a hat which 1 group presents their discoveries. (Normally, all groups would present but this is an abbreviated example).

Assignment Checklist: Name/Heading, CRAFT/CROOK Evaluation, 3 Big Idea Answers, Exit Ticket. (Daily Grade)

Exit Ticket: Write a synonym for each of the key terms. 3 second showdown at the door. The instructor chooses the term, the student responds instantly with synonym. Created by AwakenLibrarian