August 23, 2019 – 11:30 @ Stockmen’s Cafe

Members Present:   Karen Langmo, Ken Hess,  Kevin Farnum, Jeff Erdmann, Jim Elseth, Susan Schaefer, Riley Flanders, Dan Zeigler, Greg May, Ronda Arnold and Jen Meagher


Members Absent: Alex Naujokas

Ampe Shoreline Restoration/Stabilization Project:  Pete Ampe presented his shoreline restoration/stabilization project to the board.  He is spending around $22,800 to stabilize and restore his bank.   Greg Berg from Stearns County Soil & Water is in charge of the project.  Project plans were emailed to board members to review before the meeting.  Pete will be spending around $3000 of his own money with this project.  After discussion Ken Hess made a motion to approve $2,000 towards the project, based upon the KLA water quality project guidelines which the Ampe project met.  Kevin Farnum seconded the motion.  The motion passed.


Secretary’s Report:  Jim Losleben made a motion to pass the June 28, 2019 minutes.   Greg May seconded it.  The motion passed.          

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report for January - August 22, 2019 was reviewed. A motion to approve the report was made by Jeff Erdmann.  It was seconded by  Kevin Farnum.  The motion passed.          

Old Business

Annual Meeting:  Discussion was held regarding the annual meeting and how it went.  Karen mentioned that we had around 185 people present.  Overall the board felt it went well.  A lot of good discussion was held on all points of view regarding the Watershed Petition Project.  The video of the annual is posted on the website.  All agreed that it was a very good venue for the meeting.


WPP/Team Captains Meeting Recap:  The WPP signature process if going well.  We are currently at around 37%.  The board is hopeful to get to the 50% mark to make the project look credible, since the 25% mark was brought up at the annual meeting as not being enough representation of the lake.  The goal is to wrap most of the signatures by Labor Day.

Fall Newsletter:  Discussion was held regarding articles for the fall newsletter  - Karen will send out a list of possible articles  - looking at mid-october to send out.

Tax Return: Karen will be contacting the accountants (i.e., Anfinson Thompson & Co of Paynesville) to do the annual tax return - Form 8879 - EO Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax.  Jim Elseth will submit all of the appropriate reports, etc to Donna Stone at Anfinson.  This is due annually on November 15th of this year.

Committee Reports


Community Involvement/Awareness: Discussion was held regarding how to handle the logistics for next year’s fireworks.  Overall everyone felt the show went well and was well worth the money.   Karen mentioned that we again had some issues with the pontoon hauling things out there and then hauling back after the show.  She suggested that the board hire someone to haul the fireworks crew and materials out and back next year so things go smoothly and that the person who we have do this is very familiar with how the Bugbee pontoon works.  The pontoon seems to be the issue each year.   Ronda Arnold suggested that maybe her son Nate Arnold could help with this.  Karen also mentioned that she requested that the fireworks company include in their crew for next year one of the crew members from this year so they are familiar with how things go.  She feels  they are re-inventing the wheel every year when they send a complete new crew each year who is not familiar with the logistics of the island, etc.

Lake Quality Improvement:   One landowner has signed up to install 26-28 rock inlets West of Elrosa this fall.  Although this is only one landowner, this project will serve as an example for what can be done with run-off.  Plans are to document this project via photos and articles in local newspapers.

Next CAC meeting is Tuesday, August 27th.

The “Delta Project” is still in the planning stage.  Signatures will need to be obtained this fall for work to begin in the spring.

Projects/concerns in the “exploratory” stage include:  1)  run-off from a farm field near the intersection of Co. Rds 20 & 26.  2) potential run-off problem East of the regional park. Reported bog problem next to the Peterson shelter West of the outlet, and 4) reported run-off issue near the Birch Beach Store.

AIS: Starry Stonewort project work for 2019 is moving forward with the following activities:

Mechanical pulling started later this year, on July 8,

Completion of our first chemical treatment, on August 5,6,7

Pre-surveys were completed.

Cu sampling was completed.

Clemson project work in Area 7N is on target with pre-surveys completed as well as the chemical treatment on August 13.  

Upcoming is our post survey audit and move Clemson work.

The tour for the people from Detroit lakes went well but we needed to use one of the resorts boats due to others not being available.  The tour was followed by another tour with University of MN people filming some of the work that was being accomplished on Koronis.  This is survey work that is asking several questions of transient boaters and their willingness to contribute additional funds when launching.

Kevin spent time with the Sheriff relocating some of the buoys over the bars.

We received a note from Tommy Weber on Pirz Lake to notify us of their public

hearing for their petition.  We need to have people attend to learn what may be expected for our hearing.

We also spent a brief time discussing some of the comments received from shore owners regarding their activities to control vegetation around their docks.  Kevin will put out an article in our next newsletter.

We discussed our feelings regarding how the Annual Meeting went regarding the AIS project petition.  Overall the board felt good about the meeting.  Over 180 people attended.  The % of signatures obtained for the project is around the 35% level.

Membership/Dues: Memberships are up from last year.  Regular memberships are at 289, $26, 913.90.  We are up from last year’s total of 257 and up around $6,500 from last year.  Business memberships are at 19, and $2,150.  Numbers are very similar to last years.  AIS donations are at $9,363.89 compared to $8,755 from last year.  Fireworks are at $9,990 compared to $8,295 from last year.

New Business

Approval/Election of KLA Officers:  Election of officers was held.  A motion by Ken Hess was made to elect the following officers:  Karen Langmo, President and Jen Meagher as Vice President.  Kevin Farnum seconded the motion.  The motion passed.   Jim Elseth will continue to serve as  treasurer and Alex Naujokas as secretary which both are currently non-voting positions.

DNR Roundtable Lake Access Event:  Those who attended gave comments regarding the process and the discussion subjects.  No expected actions are to be anticipated by DNR.  MN COLA was contacted with a report that Kevin sent out regarding this meeting.

Central MN Credit Union Account Proposal:  Karen has been approached by Diane Kodet from the credit union regarding KLA moving their accounts to them.  Karen met with them and passed out their proposal.  Board members felt that we should at least see if Perennial Bank could match anything.  Karen will follow-up with them.

Vests:  Karen will be ordering vest to the new KLA board members and the KLA team captains.

Future Meetings:     The next meeting will be October 25th.  


Signed, Executive Secretary,


Alex Naujokas