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Race Volunteer Positions
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SARS Race Volunteer Positions

These are positions you can volunteer for at the races. Many positions are available to novices. Don’t worry, instructions will be given, and we will truly appreciate the job you do! If you do not know what to do, just contact the Volunteer Coordinator (Jason Welker, at and he will be happy to put you to work. The seven positions of the Organizing Committee will be assigned to people with specific qualifications.

We have asked that each SARS family volunteer for positions at our races. Please refer to our Family Volunteer Policy to see how many days for which your family has committed. We will keep track of the volunteer days your family puts in this season. Our program survives on the countless hours that our parents and volunteers put in. We would like to thank you in advance for your dedication and help.

Positions Not Requiring Special Qualifications (We will train you!)


Gives the actual countdown or signal for each racer to start his/her race. In a crunch, the Start Referee can also be the Starter. If enough volunteers are available this will be a separate position.

Assistant Starter/Liner Upper

Calls the competitors to the start in their start order and assists in getting the racers lined up and into the start area. See Chief of Race.

Time of Day (TOD)/Hand Timekeepers

These positions, one or two at the start and one or two at the finish, use a time-of-day stopwatch and clipboard to hand record all starts/finishes for use in the case of an electrical timing malfunction. The Chief of Race will give specific instructions.

Dye Guy

Prepare blue dye and equipment. Skis down course to apply a ribbon of blue dye along each side of the course. May include some course crew duties. Experience preferred, but training positions may be available.

Timing Equipment Operator

Operate electronic timing equipment in the finish shack. Experience preferred, but training positions may be available.

Timing Computer Operator

Operate timing computer in the finish shack. Experience preferred, but training positions may be available.

Timing Shack to Scoreboard

Communicates each racer’s time to Scoreboard Writer via radio.

Scoreboard Writer

Stands at the scoreboard outside at the bottom of the course or in the base area and communicates with Timing Shack to Scoreboard position to record each racer’s time. The scoreboard writer is also responsible for filling out the score sheets the night before the race and getting the score sheets mounted onto the scoreboard.

Bib Collector/Sorter

Collect bibs at the end of the second run.  After race, transport bibs to lodge with assistance from timekeepers.  Sort and return to bins.  Report any missing numbers to Race Administrator.

Race Administrator (RA) Assistant

Administrative assistance and shadow to explore and learn the role of Race Administrator.

Registration Crew / Runner / Awards

Check in all competitors, collect funds or verify funds paid, ensure all necessary forms are completed and signed, distribute bibs and lift ticket vouchers on early race day mornings.

Administrative duties and errands may include: Organize bibs (if bibs are to be used again the next day, sort bibs in numerical order into bins, notify Race Administrator if any numbers are missing, and then get them to the Chief of Race in time for the Team Captains meeting. If bibs are not to be used the next day, deliver bibs to Race Administrator for washing delegation). Pick up and drop off supplies, etc. to and from race arena and lodge as well as within areas within the race arena. Move competitor jackets/pants from start to finish. Collect bibs at the finish after the first and second runs (into a garbage bag which you bring) from competitors who did not finish the first run and from all the rest of the racers who finish the second run. Set up and breakdown awards ceremony.

Lunches - Maker and Distributor

Buying all the makings for approximately 40 lunches, preparing the lunches, distributing lunches to each volunteer as they sign in at the lodge on early race day mornings and having some extra lunches packaged for the course. You may submit your receipt(s), within budget, to the SARS Administrator for reimbursement or request a donation receipt. A typical lunch includes a race course-friendly sandwich or wrap, granola bar or cookie, and a bag of chips.  But, you can customize lunches to your race course-friendly specialty.  All volunteers are asked to bring their own water bottle for their beverage.

Crossing Guards – Sending/Receiving

At their designated locations, takes the necessary measures for closing off and monitoring the race arena so that spectators are kept off the course, and allowed to cross at specific intervals. Crossing guards are only needed at our junior speed events, NOT for Home Series or EEYSL races.

Gate Judges

The morning of the race you will meet with the Chief Gate Judge who will describe your job, assign your gates, give you your clipboard package and let you know when you need to be at your respective gates. Basically, the gate judge is responsible for describing any missed gates for the specific gates he/she is assigned. It requires watching every racer, and only when one of your gates is missed, drawing a very simple example of what happened. This is an all day outside job.

Course Maintenance Crew (Course Crew)

Meet with the Chief of Course at the top of the race course approximately one hour before start time. You will assist with snow and race course surface preparation and maintenance using snow rakes and shovels. Your job will also include extensive side slipping, both individually and as a group. Once the race starts, you may be assigned to monitor and repair a specific part of the course or work as a team as instructed by the Chief of Course. Experience preferred, but training positions may be available.

Organizing Committee – Assigned to Qualified People

Chief of Race - (Requires USSA Membership and certification as Chief of Race)

The Chief of Race directs all preparations of the competition and supervises the activities in the technical area. He/she summons meetings for consideration of technical questions and leads the team captains’ meeting after consultation with the TD.

Start Referee - (Requires USSA Membership and certification as Alpine Official)

The Start Referee remains at the start throughout the training and the race and makes sure that the regulations for the start and the start organization are property observed. He/she determines late and false starts and reports the names of the competitors who did not start, have made false or late starts or other infringements and reports violations against the rules for equipment.

Finish Referee - (Requires USSA Membership and certification as Alpine Official)

The Finish Referee remains at the finish throughout the training and the race and makes sure that the regulations for the organization of the finish and the finish in-run and out-run are properly observed. He/she supervises the finish controller, the timing and the crowd control in the finish area and must be able to communicate immediately with the start at all times.

Chief Gate Judge

The Chief Gate Judge organizes and supervises the work of the gate judges. He/she designates the gates each gate judge will supervise and places the gate judges in position after describing their job to them. At the end of the first run and the end of the race, he/she will collect the gate judges’ control card for delivery to the Referee. The Chief Gate Judge must distribute to each gate judge the material needed (control cards, pencil, start list, etc.) and be prepared to offer assistance to help keep the spectators off the course or to help maintain the course, etc. He/she must make sure that the numbering and marking of the gates is done within the required time.

Chief of Course – (Requires USSA Membership and certification as Alpine Official)

The Chief of Course should have experience in the ski racing arena. He/she coordinates with the SARS race crew for the provision of all equipment and tools needed for the initial and ongoing maintenance of the race course. He/she organizes, supervises, and assists with the job of course maintenance crew. He/she coordinates with the start and finish referees to work on the course as needed during the race. He/she instructs each crew member and places him/her on the course as individuals or in teams as necessary to maintain the course.

Chief of Timing and Calculations – (Requires USSA Membership and certification for Timing and Calculations). The Chief of Timing and Calculations is responsible for the coordination of officials at the start and finish, including timing and calculations, and determination of intervals between starts. This position is located in the finish shack.

Race Administrator – (Requires USSA Membership and certification for Race Administrator)

The Race Administrator is responsible for all race administration, computer input, and administrative work for the competition. This includes compiling all race entries, preparation for the draw, and other technical aspects of the competition. He/she must ensure that the official results contain all required information and is responsible for the minutes of the technical officials, the jury and team captains’ meetings. He/she must ensure that all forms for start, finish, timing, calculations, and gate judging are well prepared and given to the respective officials. He/she receives official protests and gives them to the appropriate individuals, he/she facilitates the calculations of results by appropriate preparations and ensures that they are duplicated and published as quickly as possible after completion of the competition.

The following two jobs are critical to the race but are not members or associates of the sponsoring club. The descriptions are provided here so you have a complete picture of the people involved in a ski race:

Technical Delegate – (Appointed by the PNSA or FIS)

This position is assigned by USSA/FIS and is not filled by a member of the hosting club. The primary duties of the TD are to make sure that the rules and directions of the USSA/FIS are followed, to assure that the event runs smoothly, to advise the organizers within the scope of their duties, and to be the official representative of USSA/FIS. The TD must hold a valid TD license, must be present in the course area during the race and has other responsibilities before, during, and after the race.

Race Referee – (Appointed by the TD)

Appointed by the TD and working very closely with the TD (usually a visiting coach). The Referee is responsible for drawing the start numbers if appropriate, inspecting the course immediately after it is set, working with the course setter to make any necessary changes, receiving the reports of the start and finish referees, reviewing gate keeper cards and posting the DQ list as designated by the TD.