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Submitting Membership Status Change
(Graduating, COOP, Withdraw, Transfer)

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Help Guide

Getting started


Submitting Initiation Forms

If you are an officer, from the navigation bar, select “Forms” → “Initiation”

You will see a list of current potential new members as well as previously submitted initiation and depledge reports.

For current pledges you can select from the drop down whether to:

Initiate: To initiate the potential new member as an active

Depledge: To drop the potential new member from the pledging process

Defer: To defer the initiation of a potential new member for the current time

After selecting the new status for all potential new members. Click the “Next” button.

On the next page you fill in the information for the potential new member. Once all information is complete, you can submit the form by clicking the “Submit” button.

Submitting Membership Status Change
(Graduating, COOP, Withdraw, Transfer)

If you are an officer, from the navigation bar, select “Forms” → “Status Change”

On the new page

Select a member and their new status from the drop down menus.

To add a member to the list, select the “Add Row” button.

To Remove a member from the update list (NOT AS A MEMBER, just from this list), select the “Add/Remove” checkbox and click “Delete Selected”

Once all members and their new status are selected. Click the “Next” button.

National Officer Election Reports

Access the National officers at NatOff → Nat Officers

And then follow the instructions in the Submitting Officer Election Reports

Submitting Officer Election Reports

If you are an officer, from the navigation bar, select:
                 “Forms” → “Member Updates” →  “Officer Report”

On the new page, select the member, the role, the start, and the end date for that member.

Select a member and role from the respective drop downs.

You can not change the end date, you can remove the existing role by selecting the red - button. And add the member back with the new start/end date.

Add new rows by selecting the green plus box. Only add a new row after filling out the current row! If you see the ----- and can’t select a member in that box, remove that row.

Once all roles are set, submit the form by clicking “Submit”