Voice Recording of Lab Overview

Directions: As your group is working on editing your lab footage, use the observations from this film footage to answer the following questions.

Be sure to identify who will be speaking for each section. Write your observations clearly and in complete sentences, but also keep in mind this is a script. This section will be your voice over recording for your B-Roll of your lab, which should be about 3-4 minutes of footage.




What is your lab about. What are your test subjects doing?

What research supported your study/lab? In other words what research inspired this study?

What were your results of the lab? Explain the graph and what it is showing?

You need to create a graph or show your collected data. This will be your visual aid that will be inserted into your video.

What limitations or problems did you encounter with your lab? If you were to do you lab over again, what would you do differently? What limitations did your lab have? I.e. materials, time, space, controlled variables.

Final CER

In this portion of the video you will be tasked with restating your hypothesis. Using CER format, make a claim based off results. Use your lab results as evidence to support your claim. Finally, reason why, how and what made hypothesis was confirmed or denied based off the data you collected.

How do these results relate back to our focus on global education?