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Shaymurzin Danil

Software Engineer

Ufa, Russia– Chief Research and Development Officer

03.2022 – now

Developing and integration of a remote physical access system with smart locks using the technologies of the IoT and low-power networks.

LoRa Alliance®,
Fremont, California, U. S. – Software Engineer

10.2021 – 03.2022

Develop, standardize and integrate low-power LPWANs, implement IoT solutions, p2p communications, smart city solutions, and other industrial-grade applications.

Mass Luminosity Inc.,
Dallas, Texas, U. S. – Software Engineer

07.2021 – 10.2021

Development of a high-load video streaming Enterprise service, with the possibility of more than a thousand units of simultaneous users using a unique patented technology.

Ufa, Russia Software Engineer

02.2021 – 07.2021

Developing a financial CRM system, work with foreign exchange controls, integration with existing and create APIs for money transactions.


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Cover Letter

During the development process, I not only used the Event Storming method for effective analysis and system design but also applied Domain-Driven Design (DDD) for structuring logic and CQRS. The microservices strategy, including Service Mesh for managing interactions between services, was also utilized. The Agile approach and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) practices, implemented through GitLab, helped me maintain the flexibility and adaptability of the project.

Additionally, I actively used DevSecOps practices to ensure the security of containers, particularly with the Trivy tool. This allowed me to ensure a high level of security in the developing microservices architecture. Moreover, for monitoring and debugging the system, I employed technologies such as Sentry, Grafana, and Prometheus. These tools provided me with a deep understanding of the system's operation and helped me respond promptly to emerging issues.

This entire complex of methods and technologies, including Kubernetes, Docker, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Serverless, GraphQL, and TypeScript with the use of NestJS, enabled me to successfully transform a monolithic project into a reliable, secure, and easily scalable microservices architecture.

With awaiting your feedback,
Danil Shaymurzin


  • DevOps: Kubernetes, Docker, GitLab CI/CD, Linux, Terraform,  Serverless
  • DBA: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • PL: TypeScript (JavaScript), Node.jS, GraphQL, Nest.js


Russian – Fluent
English – C2


GitHub –