Pupil Premium Spending 2015/ 2016

Hagbourne CE Primary School’s allocation for Pupil Premium Grant                2015/16

Total funding allocation: £26,400

Type of Support




Quality  First  Teaching

Teacher training.


Kagan Structures (Learning Structures to encourage independence), Phonics bug training for staff, Behaviour Support.

Staff encouraging collaborative learning in lessons as evidenced in lesson observations.

TA training.



Release time for DHT and subject leaders to train TAs to use new phonics bug software / SPAG / Calculation.

Budget for attending CPD courses for behaviour support.

Staff confident to use phonics bug software and therefore able to deliver quality phonics lessons.

Behaviour strategies used across the school.  SENCo able to use strategies for other children.

Growth Mindset training


STEM ambassador to provide training for all teachers in how the brain develops and this to be rolled out to children.

Resource purchased helped enhance learning about the brain. Children understand that making a mistake is how we learn.  This is being taken into lessons and the school is building a have a go attitude / the power of ‘yet’. Growth mindset books purchased for staff to reference.



Audit and purchase equipment to support learning for Spelling programme / Phonics bug / practical maths resources.

Phonics bug purchased and used successfully in the lower end of the school to enhance phonics.

Spelling programme used with older classes and PP are becoming more confident with strategies to learn to words.

Targeted  Interventions

Pupil Premium Champion teacher meetings linked to pupil progress meetings.


Release time to enable meetings between teacher and PP Champion to plan for social and emotional objectives based on QCA behaviour grids.

PP lead teacher met with each teacher to discuss children’s needs.  This was valued highly by staff.  QCA behaviour grids were filled in together allowing a better planning of interventions using TAs.

TA hours to provide targeted support for social and emotional learning.


Small group provision to support identified areas as planned in meetings above and 1:1 support for identified children.

A timetable of interventions planned focussing on the primary need of the PP children.  This was mainly to support social and emotional learning.  One TA mainly used to support these children.  Next year we will look at training two to be Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) as this continues to be a need with our PP children.

Booster groups


Groups after school for identified children after school.

Booster groups attended by the children who were invited.  Confidence seen in small groups.

Every Child a Writer


Training and cover costs for year 3 and 4 teachers / TAs

Staff trained and project used in class with PP and other target children.

Artroom plus travel.



Art therapy for different groups of children.

Travel costs.

Artroom attended and children plus parents reported how much the children gained from these sessions away from school.  Again supporting the children identified with social and emotional skills.

Wider Outcomes

Home School Link Worker


1:1 support for children and families.

Families supported with behaviour strategies.  Clear progress made identified families in terms of attitude to school, staff and peers.

Residential, visits and payment support


Youlbury and Yenworthy residential payment support.

Children who attended these residentials grew in confidence in the week / days away.  Confidence in themselves was better back at school.

Workshops for parents.


Release time for subject leaders to plan phonic / calculation / SPAG/ Brain awareness workshops.

Workshops attended and PP parents targeted although attendance overall was relatively poor.

Homework books


 Contribution to the cost of homework books for maths and SPAG.

Books purchased and with detailed explanations on learning it ensures all families know what to tell children at home.  Children are also supported at school if they have not completed homework at school.