Forensic Anthropology Notes                         Name ______________________________

Video 1: Anthropologists and Solving Crime

  1. What role do anthropologists play in solving crimes?


  1. What does a physical anthropologist investigate?

  1. What four things do we want to know about a skeleton?

  1. What bones are most useful for developing a profile of a person? Explain how they are used.

Physical Anthropology 

  1. What bones can provide clues for each of the following items?
  1. Sex

  1. Age

  1. Stature

  1. Race

  1. What other information can we learn from bones?

Video 2: Exposing and Recovering Forensic Remains

  1. What four techniques or markers  do forensic anthropologists use when a body site is found?

  1. Why is the topsoil removed and placed in buckets? Why is it done with a trowel and short shovel?

  1. What does the darker brown rectangle or outline?

  1. Why do they divide the rectangle at its width midpoint and remove half of it? What information can this provide about the body?

  1. Why do they sift the soil?

  1. What types of tools does the forensic anthropologist use? Why?

  1. Why do they use both drawings and photographs?

Video 3: Reading the Remains

  1.  What information do they provide for law enforcement agencies?

  1. How many skeletons do they have in their collection?

  1.  What do they learn about a skeleton from each tool?
  1. CT Scan and X- ray –

  1. Mass spectrometer –

  1. Scanning electron microscope –

  1. DNA Analysis –

Quick Quiz – Give the common name for each bone.

I should have known it was going to be one of those days, when I had stepped out of bed and stubbed my__1____ on the night stand. While hopping up and down on one __2___and grasping the other, I slipped and fell onto my right shoulder breaking my ___3____. As I crawled on my __4___ and __5___to my bed, I felt my __6____begin to ache. I found my phone and let my ___7______ do the walking as I called my friend to come help me out. My friend answered the phone with a loud scream; my ___8___ dropped. I asked what had happened, and he replied that he had been startled by the ringing phone, fell out of bed and landed on his ___9___. Following that while racing to the phone he hit his __10____on a stool. I should have known it was going be one of those days.

Quick Quiz: 

1. ________________

2. ________________

 3. ________________

4. ________________

 5. ________________

6. ________________

7. ________________

8. ________________

9. ________________

10. ________________

11. ________________

12. _______________