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Honors US History II (HUSH II), Grade 11


Denise Kane


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856-848-8200 x596

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Google Classroom code: Period 1-3vbxi94, Period 5-s8jvgu

Course Description

Honors US History II spans the latter half of the 20th century through modern day.  It seeks to offer a balanced history of political, economic, and social events while integrating key historical thinking skills including causation, continuity and change over time, and periodization.  This course is a more rigorous experience than the College Prep US History II course, though both follow similar curricula.

Course Expectations and Assessments

It is the expectation that students in this course are intending to continue their education by entering college.  In that vein, the intention of this course is to prepare students for that experience with an emphasis on complex readings, analysis of primary documents, and critical writing while blending independent and cooperative learning experiences.  It is the expectation that students will come to class prepared to participate fully, either as an individual or as part of a cooperative learning group.  Failure to complete readings and lectures will result in lack of success in the class.  

Course Policies 

Homework is necessary for success in the course.  A “flipped classroom” approach is utilized.  Lectures and reading take place largely outside of class.  Class time is where we use that lecture and reading information to analyze primary documents, role play, debate, and interact with classmates on projects.  Failure to complete readings and lectures will result in lack of success in the class.

Retakes are available for all written primary grades and for primary objective tests.  Retakes must take place after school or during a student’s study hall.  Students may not miss another teacher’s class to complete a retake.

Required and Recommended Materials 


Additional help is available 2nd period, C lunch, 8th period, and Monday-Thursday after school.  Appointments must be made in advance for extra help.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences