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Article Development


Read websites, articles, fanzones, Daily Mail (!) celebrity gossip, features, newspapers, tweets, social media links.

Key topics for discussion?

What is currently trending, in the news? Ideas to include?

  • Radiohead sues Lana Del Rey
  • Will Smith, Mark Cuban, Katy Perry & Other Celebs Who've Threatened to Run for President

  • Camila Cabello's 'Havana' Logs Longest Run Atop Pop Songs Chart for a Lead Female in Five Years

  • Music study finds pop is becoming more miserable

  • Little Mix and their empowering brand of pop are impossible to resist

  • Taylor Swift's album 'reputation' might be her best yet - review

Key Terms/Language?

What phrases/slang/genre specific terms might you use to attract your target audience?

‘Queen of Pop’, ‘Unforgettable’, ‘uncensored’, ‘Open’, ‘relatable’, ‘real-life’, ‘an insight into the life of Bekah Stone’, ‘prevailing’, ‘mental health awareness’, ‘X-Factor’, ‘Pop artist’, ‘Hard-hitting’, ‘Truthful’, ‘upbeat’, ‘Sees the light in the dark’,

Key Questions?

Remember to ask ‘open questions’, although closed ones can serve a purpose too.

  • “Can you describe the moment that you won the X-Factor?”
  • “What thoughts/feelings were running through your mind at this point?”
  • “I understand that you have had setbacks involving mental health, can you tell us about this?”
  • “Tell us about your upcoming tour, what are the themes and incentives behind it?”

Uses and Pleasures? (Blumler and Katz)

Will your audience be satisfied?  Personal Identity, Social Interaction, Entertainment, Education?

  • Education
  • Mental health awareness
  • Inside stories


Check your @ word count availability first.


Introduce the issue - sum up, precis what the reader is likely to learn from the article.

Headline and Standfirst.

  • UK Tour + album coming out - had an interview with us.
  • Exclusive, unforgettable interview.
  • “Saved my life” - Mental health.

Background - Context

The article is likely to outline a brief past history of the person or event which the article concerns, so that readers are fully aware of the necessary facts and reason why the article has been written and what has led to the current state of affairs.

Paragraph 1.

  • Previously (2 years earlier) won X-Factor.
  • Had issues w/ mental health.
  • Born + raised in Sheffield.
  • Pharmaceutical assistant.
  • Sheffield secondary school: Silverdale.
  • Sheffield primary school: Greenhill.
  •  Love for poetry (Ironic as songs are described as poetry sung to music).
  • Previous album called ‘Solar’.

Discussion, Q and A or interview.

The article is likely to return to the present-day situation at this point, discussing and giving different viewpoints of the person or event, with details and examples and quotations, and making comparisons with the past or with similar topics. Though the writer’s own viewpoint maybe inferred, alternative views must be given equal weight and other voices heard.  

Paragraph 2 and 3.

  • “Big step up”.
  • Used to sing for local charity events.
  • Recalling feelings when she won X-Factor - “Pure happiness”, “unbelievable”, “felt like slow-motion”, “Didn’t feel like real-life”, “Never in my wildest dreams”.
  • Previous single ‘Release me’ - about the grip that her mental health issues had over her - wants it to go away and let her live properly.
  • Interview about her mental health - speaking about her counselling - “became harder to get out of bed.”
  • “It was music that really saved me.”
  • “Passion/therapy is now career.”
  • “Couldn’t be more thankful.”

Prediction - Future?

At this point the article may deal with the future developments or predicted outcome of the present situation, e.g. that a person will go on to become even more famous and successful, or that a current predicament will become worse if nothing is done about it.

Paragraph 4.

  • Bekah Stone has come a long way since beginning her journey with mental health.
  • Has admitted that she is feeling much happier than she used to since winning the X-Factor.
  • I am sure we will hear much more about Bekah Stone and she will continue to grow and continue to be our nation’s favourite “Girl-next-door”.
  • Sure her tour will be a hit.


The article needs a neat conclusion, which may be an ironic reference or humorous comment, or an evaluation of the different viewpoints, or a reference back to the beginning of the article, or a quotation.

Paragraph 5.

  • Repeat the date when her tour begins for fans/reference to magazine readers.
  • Demonstrate opinion that Bekah Stone is a hit - make a reference to to her tour - “Tour will be a hit, like Bekah herself has proven to be.”

Now Draft your article together and lay it out on the DPS so that you can see if the word count is appropriate, if it fits and how it looks on the page.