1. Where and when does this race happen?

A. The Race Venue is just after devanahalli town and on the way to Nandi hills. Date:26th Jan 2020


2. What are the events?

A. Trail run (10km & 21km), Cross country cycling and Adventure race


3. Do I have to do all three events?

A. You can choose any one event, which ur specialized in. You don’t have to do all three


4. How is the running/cycling terrain?

A. The terrain is 95% off road which will have single track, jeep tracks, uphills and downhill sections


5. Is it a lap or point A to Point B race?

A. The running trail will be of 10km and 21km runners have to do two laps.

Cross country cycling will be of 5km loop and riders have to do 4-6 laps

Adventure Race will be point to point race


6. I can rent a cycle at the venue?

A. Yes, our partner ICYCLE will be renting out cycles at the venue


7. Can I run barefoot?

A. No, as the trail is dangerous for barefoot running, we will not allow without shoes


8. Will be trail be open for practice before the race?

A. Yes, the trail will be open to practice two weekends before the event


9. How to practice on the trail?

A. we will share strava link for the trail and you can download gpx file


10. Will it be difficult to run on trail?

A. 10-20% harder than running on smooth tarmac


11. What is the entry fee?

A.  Entry fee for the race is INR899/- for wave 1 999/- for wave 2 on first come first serve basis


12. What all included in race fee?

A. Timing chip, bib, race day breakfast, hand built trail, strategically placed aid station, medical support, finisher medal and transport from Bangalore to venue and back


13. Will I get free t-shirt?

A. No,


14. From where will transport be provided?

A. We will be providing free transport from Kanteerava stadium. Pick up time will be 5:00am and drop time will be 11:30am


15. Will I get certificate of participation?

A. Yes, an online certificate will be provided with your timing


16. Is the race open to only professionals?

A. Race is open to both professional and amateur runners/riders


17. When is the last day to register?

A. 10th January 2020 will be the last day to register


18. Can I cancel my registration and get refund?


19. What are the categories?

A. Open Men & Open Women


20. Is there an age limit to participate?

A. Race is open to all age groups. Under 18 participants have to get indemnity signed by their parents or guardians


21. Is signing indemnity form necessary?

A. Yes, it’s mandatory


 22. Will I get nutrition along the race?

A. Nutrition will be provided before or after the race.


23. I want to get my friend/support team to race

A. Yes, you can get them to watch and cheer you. No fee for them


24. Will there be cycle technician support during the race?

A. Bike technician support will be there before and after race. You are self-supported during the race


25. Will there be price money for winners?

A. Yes, will be announced soon


26. What is the weather be like?

A. 18-20 degree from 5am to 7am and it keeps increasing upto 30 degrees


27. I have many more questions to ask

A. We are happy to answer; shoot a mail hello@2gobmf.com



28. Will there be spot registration?

A. No


29. When and where to collect the bib?

A. Details will be updated soon


30. What time running/cycling starts on 26th Jan?

Ø  5am to 7am: Registration

Ø  7am: 21km trail run start

Ø  7:10am: 10km trail run start

Ø  9am: breakfast

Ø  10am: Podium for runners

Ø  10:30am: Cross country cycling starts

Ø  1pm: podium for cycling

Ø 06:45 AM: Adventure Race Briefing

Ø 07:30 Adventure Race

Ø 01 PM Adventure Race Podium


31. Will there be locker facility to keep my cloths and other things?

A. Its safe if you can arrange yourself to keep your belongings safe


  1. What is Adventure Racing (AR)?

Adventure Racing is the best-kept secret in the world, is one of the most unique sports in the world, however AR is combination of two or more endurance disciplines, including orienteering, Mountain Biking, Cross-country running or trekking and paddling (Kayaking, rafting, canoeing etc.) over an unmarked wilderness course with races extending anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length.

  1. Do we need any prior experience?

NO Prior experience is required

  1. Disciplines and terrain.
  1. Abseiling: Abseiling is also called as Rappelling or Descending this sport is  a controlled descent off a vertical drop using ropes
  2. Orienteering: Is also called as MAP READING. Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport which involves walking or running whilst navigating around a course using a detailed map and sometimes a compass. The aim is to navigate in sequence between a set of control points and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time
  3. Mountain Biking: MTB section will be off road, jeep track, single track, tarmac roads with some downhill as well as uphill sections.
  4. Trail Running: Running section will be off road, jeep track, single track, tarmac roads with some downhill as well as uphill sections.
  5. Surprise Element: It’s a surprise element you might get wet as well.


  1. I do not Know Orienteering or Map Reading?

Google Maps will be provided for Orienteering and No Prior experience is required.

  1. Event Rules?

Post registration you will receive in your registered mailbox

  1. Is there a maximum time to complete the race circuit, or we can take our sweet time?

4 Hours is the maximum time a team can take.

  1. How will the race be split up?

  1. What kind of bike do I need for cycling section?  Will I be ok on my Road/hybrid bike?

Mountain bikes are highly recommended, as portions of the race will be mix of single-track jeep tracks, gravel roads.

  1. Is it a relay? Can I do just a run and others will do rest of the activity?

NO, this is not a relay. Team must complete the entire event as a team of TWO

  1. What happens if I cannot find some of the check points?

Team will get a time penalty and will not be eligible for the Podium.

  1. I’m interested in the race, but need help finding a team to race with.  Can you help me find some teammates?

Sure, hit us up explore@nthadventure.com – subject: Need a teammate.

Any other question reach out to us explore@NTHADVENTURE.COM