English Tone Application Process





1. Add umegaoka_3

(T. Frieda)

Teacher Frieda will be assisting you all throughout the application process.

As you send a contact request, put in a personal message expressing your desire to apply for a teaching position at ET.

2. Answer the questionnaire provided

3. Submit CV and Speed test

Once your contact request is approved, T. Frieda will send you a questionnaire for you to answer.

You will be requested to submit your CV and speed test for initial evaluation.

There’s no time limit set for you to accomplish such task, but it is better to answer the questionnaire as soon as you receive it.

A resume highlighting your experiences and the specific tasks you performed on the job will help you get booked for an interview.

Speed test must meet the minimum requirement.

4. Interview and Demo with T. Frieda


You will be notified via SKYPE of the result of the initial evaluation.

Then, you will have to coordinate with T. Frieda to get a preferred time and date for the interview.

You will have to deliver the demo after the interview

The lesson material you will be using for the demo will be sent an hour to 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

The demo will be the deciding factor to get to the next stage.

Your years of experience in teaching will help you perform well in the demo even with very little preparation.

Brag about the experience and your teaching techniques you’ve acquired over the years to pass this stage.


5. Interview/Orientation with Admins

The interview with the admins would be a bit similar to the interview you had with T. Frieda.

An orientation would follow through once you meet the standard requirement of the admin. It will entail all details about ET and the application process.

Use the opportunity to impress the admin of your accent and your bright personality.

Ask questions/clarifications if you have any.

6. Self-study Training

Passing the interview and demo means you get to have access to their portal where you will be learning more about the company, the portal itself and more importantly, the lesson materials for the demo lessons.

T. Frieda will be giving you instructions on what and how will you be studying before the arranged time and date for the system training.

7. System Training

Going over the manual is mandatory before you get to have the system training with T. Frieda.

It is just basically confirming what you have learned from the manual/portal.

Learn whatever you can during this training. Ask whatever that confuses you so that you can deliver the classes and other functions smoothly when you start teaching in ET.

8. PRE-DEMO Classes


You will have to coordinate with T. Frieda to get scheduled for the demo classes.

You will have to conduct THREE  DEMO CLASSES

Familiarize yourself with the teaching materials uploaded at the portal.


10. Start Teaching

Be online on your preferred schedule and conduct booked lessons.

Once your account is activated, go through the portal to learn how to navigate it and familiarize the