English 9                                     

Ms. Pattie Ekman (she/her)



Overview:  English 9 is a course designed to solidify and expand the learner’s skills as they transition from middle school to high school. Because literacy skills are transferable to other subjects, students in this class will be expected to read and write independently. This class will be writing intensive, with a short piece of writing due every week.  We will read a variety of works including plays, short stories, novels, and nonfiction pieces.

Equity: This classroom is a safe space for students of all kinds. We embrace diversity and accept all students and beliefs. I am continuing to strive to be an anti-racist educator and maintain an anti-racist classroom. Any inappropriate comments or jokes will be dealt with in full.

Learner Outcomes:

Possible Texts: These are possibilities. There will also be lots of opportunities for choice book-length texts!

Homer                          The Odyssey                     

Sue Monk Kidd          Secret Life of Bees                 

Shakespeare              Twelfth Night and Midsummer Night’s Dream

Choice memoir and small group dystopian novel                                                     

Additional reading materials such as articles, poetry, short stories, essays and nonfiction articles to supplement the major texts

Required Materials:

Cell phones/Electronic Devices: Cell phones can be a wonderful learning tool, if used properly. I will discuss with students the proper time for using these devices. It will never be appropriate to text other students, update social media or take phone calls during class time.  If inappropriate cell phone usage becomes a habit, parents/guardians will be notified and it could become a disciplinary action and referred to the office.

Cheating/Plagiarism:  Each student is expected to do his/her own work. Copying another’s work or using sources from the Internet without giving proper credit is cheating. If plagiarism/spinbot paraphrase use is detected, students will be required to complete an alternate assignment due one week after it is given. Students will also be required to meet with an instructor in the WIN room in order to verify authenticity of the alternate assignment.  Parents/guardians will be notified.

Blank Assignments: Students who submit a blank assignment will not get another chance to complete that assignment. I will contact parents/guardians.  Be sure your work is complete before submitting!

Re-Do Policy: Students who want to make corrections have one week to submit one additional time if they were unhappy with their feedback from their first attempt in assignments on all skills except grammar and mechanics. 

Students who receive a 1 are required to make corrections and resubmit as that shows they misunderstood the assignment or need extra help. Score will remain as an incomplete until it is redone.  They may be asked to do the following:

Late Work: Once all students in class have received feedback on submitted work, students will have one week to turn in the assignment if it is late. After that, I will not accept the assignment.

Non-negotiable assignments: There will be certain assignments that are required for a student to receive credit in this class. These summative assignments usually cover multiple prioritized learnings and are more extensive than smaller formative assignments. These assignments must be completed and done to proficiency. Non-negotiables are noted on the semester calendar.

Grading Policy: As a learning community, we want to get away from focusing on percentages in order to focus on growth and mastery. Therefore, this class will use the district’s Proficiency-Based Grading Scale (below and linked).

3  Mostly Proficient

Student frequently demonstrates understanding of the concepts, skills, and competencies relevant to the prioritized learnings.

2  Partially Proficient

Student demonstrates partial understanding of the concepts, skills, and competencies relevant to the prioritized learnings.

1  Not Yet Proficient

Student attempts to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts, skills, and competencies relevant to the prioritized learnings.

0  No Attempt/Evidence

Not enough or no evidence to assess student understanding. (Note: As soon as a student has an assessment “score” for a standard/PL, all previous zeros should be deleted/marked “No Count.”)

At the end of the SEMESTER, I will adjust grades to reflect the criteria in the Descriptor column. Rather than using straight averages, increased emphasis will be placed on the most recent prioritized learning assessments in order to show current mastery of skill.

Consistently Demonstrates Proficiency (Almost all 3’s)


Often Demonstrates Proficiency (Mostly 3’s with a few 3’s and 2’s )


Sometimes Demonstrates Proficiency (Mostly 2’s)


Inconsistently Demonstrates Proficiency (A mix of 1’s and 2’s )


Does Not Demonstrate Proficiency (Mostly 1’s or does not show evidence of proficiency)


9th Grade English Standards: All assignments will assess at least one and up to four of these standards. Students will have many opportunities to demonstrate mastery of these standards.

PS#1: Analyze Informational Text- Includes reading and analyzing nonfiction for bias, tone, purpose, audience, diction.

PS #2: Analyze Literary Text- Includes reading and analyzing fiction for characterization, setting, mood, conflict, theme, figurative language, diction.

PS #3: Synthesize Informational & Literary Texts- Includes evaluating sources, integrating sources into an original work, MLA documentation.

PS#4: Informational Writing- Includes structure of the essay, topic development, appropriate tone/diction, writing process.

PS#5: Creative Writing- Includes originality, diction, figurative language, imagery, writing process.

PS#6: Writing Conventions- Includes grammar, usage, sentence structure, spelling.

Rubrics will be posted on the front page of my class blog, ekmanspartans.com in addition to in Google Classroom.

Class Expectations


  • Come to class on time. This means being in your seat at the start time, focused and ready to learn.

  • Come to class with the necessary supplies.


  • Respect yourself and others.

  • Respect our class time and our materials.
  • Keep your phone put away once the bell rings.


  • Be responsible for your learning; work hard and do your best.
  • Reach out if you need help or clarification.