Ladies and Gentlemen,  

Finally  have some clear range time.  It has been a while. Please put the following dates into your calendar  Sunday 29th October and Sunday 26th November 2017.

Detail for Sunday 29th October Shoot. Please see attached score sheet for match detail. Detail for November shoot will come later.

Same format as last shoot in June, except as we have had a long break we will have a quick zero serial before the match.

The Mad Minute will be run at the completion of the shoot as a separate competition also.  

Please be aware of Legacy class of rifle for the traditionalist. Detail and rules on this is below.

Timings: Sunday 29th October.

Safety brief 1250hrs Wooster A (300M) range. Please do not turn up earlier than 1230hrs.

Zero :  We will have a very quick 100m confirmation/check zero before the match. You will also get scoring sighters at 300m.

Match starts 1340hrs last detail finish 1630hrs or earlier.

Quiet natter and refreshments in Range office 1645hrs


As per the attached score sheet starting at 300m and going to 30m targets. You will require a minimum of two mags or stripper clips as the serials are either 10 or 20 shots.

We have introduced the Double Tap serial at 200m. You will need 20 rd mag or equivalent for this.

New to most of you is the 300m Agony Snap serial. Hold in position with 10 exposures over 5 minutes and the 10 x 3 second exposures will appear in a random fashion. You will need to keep alert waiting for the targets  to appear over the 5 minutes.

At the completion of this match the optional Mad Minute match will be held.

Ammo: The match score sheet will give you the allocation for ammo. (Between 85 to 100 rds)

Try and bring a shooting log or score register for yourself to plot your shots (and score), but if you cannot find one you can use the provided score sheet. This match will use the normal 5, 4, 3 scoring rings on the targets and we will explain how the firer and butts capture the score on the day. Bring a pen or pencil ! Ball ammo only.

15rd to 50rds for the Mad Minute.


Please be aware of the new Legacy rifle class as per my pervious e-mails. To explain again it is designed to get different types of rifle/ammo to be used rather than just AR15s, etc. E.G. so for this class you only need to shoot 5 rds in the serial rather than 10rds, timing for each serial remains the same. The trick is that your score is doubled in value as you fired half the amount of rounds, e.g. a Legacy class hit on the 5 ring is worth 10, points, a hit in the 3 ring 6, points, etc. Add this to the Lewis scoring system of A, B, C, etc class you still have a chance to win or win your class on the day using a rifle and ammo combo that usually may not be in the running. We are attempting to get shooters to use more interesting rifles without the penalty of being effectively handicapped against AR15 style rifles. It also allows to run the match using the same timings, targets, etc, you chose to fire less rounds or not. This is not mandatory, just an option for you as the shooter.

The rules for this are simple.

 1.    A service rifle that has been an issue weapon in some military at some time

2.    Nothing under 6.5mm calibre full size ammunition up to  8 mm Mauser. (7.62 x 39, 6.8SPC, .300Blackout, any “short” rounds , etc are not in this class)

3.    Declare that you are shooting Legacy class before you start the match.( No deciding halfway thru that you want to change)

4.    No optics, issue iron sights only.

5.    As per the other classes no bipods, slings are allowed.

 So some examples of suitable rifles for Legacy class include, SLR, M14, M1Garand, Mauser 98, Lee Enfield, G3, SAFN49, Original Dutch AR10, AG42B, FN FAL, SIG SG 510, SVT-40, etc, you get the idea.

 Some detail as examples,

Action M, fire 5 rds total – start, load fire prone 1 rd, stand 1 rd, kneel 1 rd (mandatory reload your choice to fire 2 or 3 rds before reload), stand 1 rd, prone 1 rd.60 seconds.

75M – 30M Reaction Advance 5 x 7 sec exposure (Normally 1 rd stand then 1 rd kneeling) You chose to fire 1 rd from one of either position as target is exposed. 5 rds total.

Agony snaps 300m -  You only fire at only 5 of the 10 x  3 sec exposure targets presented over the 5 minutes. Fire 5 rds total


Returns: Please tell us if you are attending or not. If you cannot make it, see you next time. If you are not getting this e-mail from me directly and hear about it from other means, please e-mail me so I can add/correct your address. Last shoot I had returns from about ten people 6 attending 4 not attending. Yet we had over 30 shooters turn up! This can make it difficult to cater for. Sort it.

 Cost: $20 for BBQ, drinks and prize money.


Frank McKeage

Range Warden

West Melton Rifle Range

Ph: 03 3478730

Cell: 0276831689