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We offer options to dig deeper into your health concerns that go above and beyond our typical primary care membership. The lab companies we contract with have all been vetted by Dr Brie and Dr Frey and each has an outstanding reputation as a leader in functional and alternative medicine. Each lab is a bit different in how they are billed, how long it takes to get results, and how to collect.  Each lab company used is selected for quality and lab costs are negotiated to the lowest possible rate to help you save!  The advanced lab review fee covers the extra time it takes to review the results and make a detailed plan, typically 30-45 min.  

Note: Many years of education and advanced training are required to maintain expertise in evidence-based alternative medicine. Pursuing these labs and adding diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on results can offer an alternative to standard of care that will help us guide your care toward pursuing the underlying cause of many conditions.

There is a $75 - $90 review fee per visit for each of these tests with Dr Brie or Dr Frey

The review fee is charged at the time of the test review

Test prices and new lab companies subject to change as we change to find the best!

DOPC and Nextera Members get great discounts!  

We will direct you to the most affordable way for you to access each test based on your personal situation. The retail cost of the tests are in (parentheses), we negotiate great discounts!

ZRT Laboratory


Hormones +/- Cortisol testing $135 to $206 ($170-260)

Adrenal Stress Profile (cortisol only) $141 ($170)

Neurotransmitter Testing $233 ($272)

Sleep Balance Profile $233 ($245)

All ZRT Labs pay to DOPC to help save!

Collection Methods: Saliva, Finger Prick, and/or Urine

3 week turnaround time

SpectraCell Laboratories


Micronutrient Testing 

$345 cash pay to DOPC ($350)

Collection Method: Blood Draw

3 week turnaround time



SIBO Breath Test

Up to $209.74 Cash pay (insurance attempted)

Collection Method: Breath

3 week turnaround time

Specific diet requirements prior to testing

Boston Heart Diagnostics


Heart Health

$246 cash pay to DOPC ($483)

Collection Method: Blood Draw

2-3 weeks turnaround time

Coronary Calcium Score


Heart Health

$93-99 cash pay to South Denver and Lutheran

(~$250 other locations)

Collection Method: CT Scan

Immediate report

Genova Diagnostics


GI Effects Profile

$171 to $400 insurance billing

$379 cash pay to Genova


$179 - $380 insurance billing

$379 cash pay to Genova

Collection Method: Stool, Blood, Urine

4-6 week turnaround time



DNA Impact on Depression Medication 

$330 Max out of pocket (w/wo insurance)

Collection Method: Cheek Swab

2 weeks turnaround time

US Biotek


Food Allergy Panels IgG+IgE 

$159 to $279 cash pay to US Biotek

Collection Method: Blood Draw or Finger Prick

2 weeks turnaround time