Hardware, Software, Network Requirements

Interaction Distance

  • The default interaction distance is a six-tile radius.
  • Each user can change their own interaction distance.
  • A user can see a maximum of 8 videos at once; additional connections will be audio-only.

Text Chat

Global chat

  • Everyone in the room can see it
  • Enabled by clicking the globe button  →  on the bottom left corner
  • Whenever the globe button is on (i.e. ), the messages you type in the chatbox will be shown to everyone in the room

Local chat [default]

  • Only people nearby / in the same private space can see it
  • Again, the default interaction radius is a six-tile radius

Example of private space:

Users sitting on the 4 chairs per table will be isolated from others within the range.

Private chat

  • You can only click on a person in the “Participants” box and chat with them privately. Only the two of you will be able to see this conversation.
  • First, find the person you want to private chat with. Click on “chat” to start private messaging them.  

  • To return to the main chat (or navigate between multiple chats), click on the name bar at the top of the chat and select the chat you want to navigate to


Share your screen or application window to the users within your video radius.

Locating someone

  • Find a list of participants on the right.
  • Click a name to be guided to that person.
  • A path will appear directing you towards the location of that individual