Pure Bhakti Audio Seva
Sound Engineer Guidelines


After the Track Editor (TE) prepares the sound file by trimming the unnecessary parts, it is forwarded to the Sound Engineer (SE). SE is expert at advanced sound editing softwares like iZotope RX. He is expected to improve the overall audibility of the sound file by enhancing Srila Gurudeva’s voice, while reducing background noise, wind, echo and similar factors. The SE will work together with the Quality Check devotee (QC) to finalise the sound quality.


SE will receive the following from the coordinator:

  1. A link to a google spreadsheet – ‘SE Doc’ - with links to the original files to be cleaned.
  2. A Google-drive link where the output file is to be uploaded

SE is not expected to hear the file from end to end, but must hear the file at least at 5-7 different places to ensure the output is consistent throughout.

SE Doc:

Please see the SE Doc template here:

The SE Doc is a Google spreadsheet where all the coordination and feedback on the sound engineering tasks will be done. It has 2 sheets -

SHEET 1: SE’s Tasks

SHEET 2: SE’s Uploads

All the coordination of feedback with the QC will take place in this sheet. Each time a new version is uploaded, it will reflect in this sheet automatically within an hour.

File naming:

Once the output file is ready, it is to be uploaded to the Google drive folder provided.

After the file is uploaded on the google drive by SE, a row will automatically be added to the sheet with all the columns filled except Columns G, H, I (QC feedback) and Column K (SE comments).

Each version (v1, v2, etc) submitted will be listed on a separate row here and feedback will be provided by QC in Column H (QC Feedback). Please always increase the version number as only one file with a particular version number will be processed. If you want to provide several variations, please upload them as several versions (v1, v2, etc). In other words, do not submit two files with the same version number.

Please refer the Column G (Resolution) for the way forward. It will indicate two statuses –

The rows will be colored in various colors as follows to indicate the status of that version:

SE can also leave his comments about a particular version in Column K (SE Comments).