MOF Season 44 Mock Draft: Panthers pick Cowan, Titans gamble on Ricardo Hunt

The Panthers have the future in mind at quarterback with the dynamic Wisconsin quarterback prospect

by Commissioner Jeff | | Feb 1, 2018

The MOF offseason draft is coming upon us soon! For those teams who did not participate in the MOF Season 43 playoffs, this is what they’re looking forward to! We thought we’d make things a little fun by doing a mock draft with the upcoming draft order, breaking down what each team needs most and what will be available in the Season 44 draft! Enjoy!

*To break ties in the draft, the team with the lower strength of schedule (i.e. their opponents compiled fewer wins) is granted the earlier pick in round one. Division tiebreakers (if the teams are in the same division). Conference tiebreakers (if the teams are in the same conference). Coin flip(s), which occur(s) at the pre-draft Combine.*

Right Guard Brennan Barrett from Clemson is highly considered one of the top players in the draft

1. Baltimore Ravens (1-15)
Coach Remo357
Needs: RB, WR, DE, OLB 

What does the worst offense and worst defense in the MOF need? Everything. Rookie Quarterback Wade Webster has broken the single season record for most interceptions, so is he the future in Baltimore? I don’t think they will give up after just 1 season. So I really can’t see the Ravens picking a QB here with the #1 overall pick. The running game is extremely lackluster (32nd overall), but do the Ravens go running back with the #1 overall pick? They do not have a #1 prototypical Wide receiver, so can they go there as well? How about defense? The defensive line is subpar so an end would be a great pick here too. The secondary and linebacking crew are decent enough not to waste a #1 overall. Options are endless, I guess that’s why they are in this position in the first place. I would consider adding to that offensive line if i were the Ravens here. There are a number of great lineman in this draft, but i would go with Brennan Barrett from Clemson here at #1.

Pick: RG: Brennan Barrett, Clemson  

2. Indianapolis Colts (2-14)
Coach Jerdog101 ®
Needs: G, DT, MLB, DE

What don’t they need is the question. QB Andrew Luck and WR T.Y. Hilton are the two lone bright spots on this team, everything else can be upgraded. New coach Jerdog101 inherited these guys at (2-10) and he has a lot of work to do to get them back into being competitive. So where do the Colts go at #2? You have to look at their biggest weakness. It’s a toss up between running back and offensive line. Christine Michael had an average season as the starting back with 712 yards and 10 touchdowns and Robert Turbin did an ok job spelling him adding 472 yards and 6 touchdowns himself. So is this a running back issue or a line issue? They could really use a starting left guard or right tackle, which they are thin at. Or do we look at the flip side? The worst part of this team was the run defense. So maybe they should go DT here? They currently do not have a traditional DT on the roster, so this sets up perfectly for Frederick Beasley from Penn State going #2 here to the Colts.

Pick: DT: Frederick Beasley, Penn State

3. San Francisco 49ers (3-13)
Coach Commissioner Jeff
Needs: G, T, WR, CB

Commish started the season with the 49ers, left, and then came back and finished the season. So the 49ers were in turmoil throughout the season to say the least. Last year’s 1st round pick Jack Ciurciu was traded in the off-season to the Chiefs in a package for Matthew Stafford. So the QB situation looks like it has rectified itself. They also signed FS J.J. Wilcox to help with the departure of Jimmy Ward. The 49ers need secondary for sure, but the biggest need on this time is offensive line. If Brennan Barrett falls to the 49ers here they will take him, if not, i can see them going defense here. CB Myron Baldwin from USC looks like the perfect fit here for the 49ers.

Pick: CB: Myron Baldwin, USC

4. Dallas Cowboys (3-13)

Coach Texmexgalvan
Needs: DT, CB, OLB

Coach Tex is looking to improve greatly. 3-13 is not going to cut it in Dallas. You look at this team, and say… well what do they really need? Their offensive line is incredible, they have a young stud QB and RB. They have Dez Bryant and last seasons blue chip Poppy Burgess at WR. They just signed Greg Olsen at TE, what else do they need? Nothing on offense. They have the talent there. The only weakness i really see on this team is at DT or at SS. They could use an upgrade at CB or OLB but they don’t absolutely need to go there here at #4. If i were Dallas, id trade out, get some more picks at the bottom of the draft. However, if they don’t then i can see them going with MLB Trey Bryan from USC and maybe moving Jaylon Smith to OLB.

Pick: MLB: Tre Bryan, USC

5. Cincinnati Bengals (3-13)

Coach MaddenUSA
Needs: CB, LG, DT, QB

The Bengals had a really hard time scoring points last season, 29th overall in the MOF. They were 23rd in pass yards and 24th in rush yards. So what is up with that offense? The offensive line isn’t terrible at all, they could use an upgrade at LG. How about Runningback? They have 3 above average guys (Hill, Bernard, Mixon),  that i’m sure will be dealt before the season. How about WR? AJ Green and John Ross provide an above average 1 / 2 punch. Jeremy Sprinkle at Tight End showed some promise last season. So that brings us to Quarterback. Is Andy Dalton the answer? With the trade for Colin Kaepernick in the off-season that could mean Dalton’s days are numbered in Cincy. Last season he threw 37 interceptions and just 20 touchdowns. The Bengals defensive line is well above average, with a possible upgrade at DT. The linebackers could be upgraded on the outside, but Burfict mans the middle. Which brings us to the secondary. They need a #1 shutdown corner and that’s where they will go here at #5. D.J. Stone out of Pittsburgh is a great man to man corner and would fit into MaddenUSA’s scheme very nicely.

Pick: CB: D.J. Stone, Pittsburgh

6. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) *From Jets

Coach MRosado11
Needs: OL, RB, FS, WR

The Eagles grabbed the Jets #1 pick last season in a trade, who knew that it would be #6 overall? Great move by Rosado that is paying off right now. The Eagles had a great season 43 getting to the playoffs and earning a wild-card berth. So what do they really need? They were rumblings of Coach Rosado trading Carson Wentz in the off-season so could they go with a QB here? That would be surprising to me. They could go runningback here, but not this high. They might wait until their later pick in the round. I think they will be going to upgrade their offensive line because that is probably the weakest part of their team. Hansen Archambeau is a great pick if he is still available here from Tennessee to upgrade that offensive line.

Pick: LT: Hansen Archambeau, Tennessee

7. Carolina Panthers (4-12)

Coach Dpanther95
Needs: QB, DE, WR, TE

They did what? Cam Newton was traded in the off-season to the Kansas City Chiefs. We were as shocked as anyone when we heard the news. There’s really nothing else to say here but the Panthers clearly want to clear some cap space since Newton is owed more than 20 million next season. They have some rebuilding to do, and it starts right here at QB. The Panthers have some other needs as well, as they lost Greg Olsen in the off-season to Dallas. They also could use a defensive end, but let’s be honest here. They are going Quarterback and i’d be shocked if they didnt. Brady Cowan from Wisconsin is the sexy name right now. He won the MVP in the College All-Star game, and he’s climbing up everyones draft board. Is he the best QB in the draft? Maybe, maybe not. But he’s definitely got some buzz around him and could be the answer for the Panthers here.

Pick: QB: Brady Cowan, Wisconsin

8. Seattle Seahawks (4-12)

Coach Krayzie300
Needs: RT, CB, WR

The Seahawks had a disappointing season to say the least, these guys do not have many weaknesses on their team so what is the problem here? There were talks of the Seahawks possible trading up but with their cap issues, they decided to stay where they are. Their run game is a blaring issue and offensive line is something they really need to consider here. Also rush defense was a problem last season as well. So what do the Seahawks do here? I could see them going with wide receiver Corey Guion from Texas A&M or what makes more sense is LT Zach Derby out of Penn State.

Pick: LT: Zach Derby, Penn State

9. Buffalo Bills (4-12)

Coach Sawemoff90
Needs: LG, OLB, FS

Coach Sawemoff had an interesting turn of events last season. He interimed in for the 49ers then was moved to Buffalo after Commish came back. He inherited a team that needs some rebuilding for sure. The offense of the Bills was not the problem last season, it was their defense. They have some solid players on both sides of the ball but they could use some upgrades. Will they go QB here? This could be where the first QB is taken in the draft, but the question is does Tyrod Taylor seem like the answer for Coach Sawemoff? You look at the offensive line and at the moment they definitely need a guard. On the other side of the ball they have some good defensive players, but are in need of an outside linebacker. I could also see them going free safety here. I think the best player available for the Bills right here will be Linebacker Will Sentef from Michigan State, let’s see if thats what they do.

Pick: LOLB: Will Sentef, Michigan State

10. Tennessee Titans (5-11)

Coach Kalikarpenter
Needs: OLB, LG, HB, DT

Coach Kali is coming off a season where his offense sputtered right out of the gate until the last week of the season. 28th in passing, 21st in rushing and they just traded Demarco Murray to the Raiders. So why did they do that? Do they know something that we don’t? They acquired Jalen Richard in the off-season, so maybe that is the answer at HB? I think what we’ll see in Tennessee is a running back by committee approach. With Henry, Richard, and the speedy Muhammad. When i look for glaring holes on this team i have a bit of a hard time, i see linebacker as their weakest link right now. But left guard and defensive tackle could be something they can go for here at #10 as well. I think they will go with Defensive End Ricardo Hunt from Ohio State and make some moves to put someone at Defensive Tackle.

Pick: DE: Ricardo Hunt, Ohio State

11. Arizona Cardinals (6-10)

Coach Trigrdan
Needs: QB, OL, WR, TE, DT

What doesn’t this team need? The Cardinals are in a downward spiral and the only thing they have going on is David Johnson. These guys have a bunch of holes none more glaring than quarterback. Carson Palmer left via free-agency and that leaves a big problem behind center. The Cardinals also have offensive line problems, as in they only have 5 all together. So what do they do here? This draft is quarterback heavy so if the Cardinals were smart, they would go QB here. Brady Cowan we believe will be the first quarterback taken so that leaves the Cardinals with a few options. Nick Koutouvides (Wisconsin), Case Spitz (Florida), Case Milanovich (LSU), Todd O'Shaughnessy (Penn St.), or Jason Annen (Ohio St.). So what do they do? I think they go with O’Shaughnessy from Penn State here. But it’s a tough call.

Pick: QB: Todd O'Shaughnessy, Penn State

12. Denver Broncos (14-2) *From Raiders

Coach TBCPlowboy
Needs: TE, ROLB, SS

Coach Plowboy traded LT Garrett Bolles to the Raiders for the 12th overall pick in the draft. Was it a good move? Yes it was a great move. The Broncos have one of the best offensive lines in the game, they need some depth, but they are set in their starting 5. The weakest link of the team is the QB and Chad Kelly had himself a great season 43 so it would be a shock if they go QB here to replace him. They don’t need RB’s, and they dont need WR’s. They could use a Tight End but that’s about all on offense.Their defense, oh that’s solid too. This team went 14-2 so anything they draft is going to be depth. Usually with teams this good, they should just go with the best player available but the best player available is also something they need. Roy Keur out of LSU is a vertical threat tight end with some speed.

Pick: TE: Roy Keur, LSU

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)

Coach JFon
Needs: OL, HB, DE, FS

The Buccaneers are 2 seasons removed from a division title but last season they took a few steps back. The Buccaneers need some help on the offensive line, that is the weakest part of their team. They are reports out of Tampa Bay that Doug Martin could be on the market, and that would just leave Charles Sims and Akeem Hunt at back. Is that enough? Certainly not, they will need to pick someone up. However, i don’t think they are going to be messing around here at pick #12 they are going to go right for the weak part, and grab Left Tackle Thurman Washington from USC.

Pick: LT: Thurman Washington, USC

14. Los Angeles Chargers (8-8)

Coach Gouch
Needs: QB, C, LB

Coach Gouch lost Philip Rivers in the off-season and it doesnt look like he’s trying to replace him through free-agency. The Chargers team is very solid, and they are on the up and up. Offensive line could be upgraded at center, but when you have a hole at QB that’s what you have to fill especially in a quarterback driven draft. The options are endless here, but you have to make sure you pick the right QB! I see the Chargers going with Florida QB Case Spitz, he’s a west coast guy with a great arm and great throw on the run accuracy. The Chargers will be happy with Spitz here.

Pick: QB: Case Spitz, Florida

15. Miami Dolphins (8-8)

Coach Bhicks14
Needs: LG, TE, QB, DE, MLB, HB,

The Dolphins come into this draft needing upgrades at alot of positions. There have been grumblings about Ryan Tannehill possibly being on the way out the door which is opening up possibilities of the Dolphins selecting a QB here at #15. With so much to improve upon, they should be able to get a very good pick here with what will be left. My suggestion is to look at your needs, because they are all pretty even, and pick the best player in that group. In this case if the draft goes the way we are projecting we believe Franklin Hanna, defensive end out of Florida State is the best bet right here.

Pick: LE: Franklin Hanna, Florida State

16. Chicago Bears (8-8)

Coach SoSickin432
Needs: RG, RT, WR, SS

Coach SoSickin432 made his return late in Season 43 and took over a pretty decent team. They have a young QB in Trubisky to build around, they just need to do a better job at protecting him. The left side of the Bears line is strong with Whitehair and Long but the right side could use some help. Along with that they could use another wide receiver without a really true #2. The defensive line looks solid for seasons to come and the linebackers also look good. The only other hole i can see is at strong safety. They should think long and hard about what to do here, but if i were them i would work on starting to solidify the right side of their line.

Pick: LT: Cason Parsons, Oklahoma

17. Atlanta Falcons (9-7)

Coach BigReg
Needs: RG, FS, WR, OLB

The Falcons finished 9-7 last season and just missed out on the playoffs but they feel like they are on the upswing. So what will put them over the top? They can upgrade their defense which was 20th overall, especially in the pass game where they were 27th overall with a free-safety? They could grab an offensive lineman, something every team could truly use. Or they could go in the opposite direction, seeing that no one has taken any receivers as of yet and take the fastest receiver available on the board. Allen Person from Tennessee. This gives them a deep threat option and someone other than Julio Jones to target.

Pick: WR: Allen Person, Tennessee

18. Green Bay Packers (9-7)

Coach Lhu27
Needs: RT, DT, OLB

The Packers are 1 season removed from having the best record in the MOF. So what happened? A tough division is what happened. The Packers don’t have many holes on their team, but if they were to grab something here and get a steal it would be at offensive line, which they need the most help. RG Cole Yeatman from Alabama should still be here at #18 and if he is i would jump all over it if i were him. If he isn’t there, then try to go OLB or DT.

Pick: RG: Cole Yeatman, Alabama

19. New York Giants (10-6)

Coach Enzo
Needs: RG, QB, OLB

Coach Enzo and the Giants are facing a problem coming into the season. They are going to need a new franchise Quarterback. Eli Manning is 38 years old, Davis Webb might not be ready yet. So the Giants would be silly to pass on a QB in this draft. They also need a RG which they have some options there as well. If i were the Giants, i would put my chips in Jason Annen from Ohio State if he’s still available, if he’s not then i’d still go with a QB here because there are a few 1st rounders out there that could fall to him.

Pick: QB: Jason Annen, Ohio State

20. Carolina Panthers (4-12) *From Chiefs

Coach Dpanther95
Needs: QB, DE, WR, TE

The Panthers traded Cam Newton, as we mentioned above, to the Chiefs for this pick. We believe they will select a QB with their 7th overall pick, so here they need to grab a WR for that QB. There should be a few here that could go mid to late 1st, and the one we are eyeing is a big time target. Jordan Malecki from Pittsburgh is 6’5” 236 and runs a 4.5. That’s pretty impressive. If he can last until #20 here that’s what the Panthers should do to make their new look offense look even better.

Pick: WR: Jordan Malecki, Pittsburgh

21. New Orleans Saints (9-7)

Coach MrRoclo
Needs: G, RE, LB, FS

The Saints had a downward spiral going into the playoffs last season losing their last 6 games including the wild-card game to the Lions. Some say the team took a turn for the worse when the coach was distracted, but the team just didnt play well. They need offensive line help in the worst way, their guards need an upgrade and lucky for them this draft is loaded with offensive guards in the 1st round. One of them is bound to fall to them here at #21 and we are thinking Alexander Palmer from Oregon should be on the board here and would be a great pick.

Pick: RG: Alexander Palmer, Oregon

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)

Coach Pettigrew95
Needs: LT, TE, CB

The Steelers lost CB William Gay to good ole retirement so they made it known right off the bat that they need a replacement. Even though they are pretty solid at defensive back, they definitely should be looking at CB and then trying to upgrade the rest of their weaknesses through free-agency. Most teams are going to be looking for offensive line help in this draft so do something different! Brieon Hutchinson from Florida is a very good CB some have him much higher than #21 here, but if he’s available for Pittsburgh at #22 this is a no brainer.

Pick: CB: Brieon Hutchinson, Florida

23. Washington Redskins (11-5)

Coach Mackdaddy
Needs: WR, CB, OLB, FS

This team has zero holes. It’s quite astonishing to see what Mackdaddy has done in his few seasons here in Washington. They went and signed Jay Ajayi to take over their RB needs, their offensive line is one of the best in the MOF, and they are set at defensive line as well. So where is the weakness? They could grab another WR here or they can go secondary. We believe Damiere Edwards should still be here at #23 and he’s projected as a 1st round mid pick, so this would be great if he can fall to the Skins here.

Pick: CB: Damiere Edwards, Louisville

24. New England Patriots (11-5)

Coach Hovadagod_23
Needs: WR, DE, DT, SS

Coach Hova has taken over the team that Leet built. It’s a great team to say the least. However they just had a big retirement. The great Tom Brady has hung up his cleats. Have no fear though, we started this franchise before Jimmy G was traded so he’s the one taking over! The Patriots do not need a QB here and that’s a relief because they might all be gone by the time we get here. What they do need though is a receiver. Who we are looking at is Corey Guion from Texas A&M. He’s a balanced WR with good speed who can be a nice additional target for Jimmy G’s new era.

Pick: WR: Corey Guion, Texas A&M

25. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

Coach MRosado11
Needs: OL, RB, FS, WR

The Eagles already had a 1st round pick, #7 overall and we believe they will already address their offensive line issues. So we see them targeting the best remaining runningback on the board. Not only does this guy have the best name in the draft, he’s the most impressive back out of the bunch. Jaqwaylin Tracy out of Wisconsin. We believe he could fall in the draft, and the perfect replacement for LeGarrette Blount would be someone very similar.

Pick: RB: Jaqwaylin Tracy, Wisconsin

26. Los Angeles Rams (12-4)

Coach DoubleD187
Needs: DE, OLB, C

Coach DoubleD has back to back picks here and he’s setup very nicely. The Rams are the defending NFC West champs and they don’t have many holes. I see them going defense in both picks here. I like the pick of Linebacker Derek Addai from Notre Dame even though he’s projected early 2nd, he’s still a steal here at #26 which is basically an early 2nd.

Pick: LB: Derek Addai, Notre Dame

27. Los Angeles Rams (12-4) *From Cleveland

Coach DoubleD187
Needs: DE, OLB, C

Piggy backing off the 26th pick the Rams are going to keep it with defense here and grab Parker Holland from Tennessee. They could also try and grab a center to really solidify that line, but i dont really see many centers falling to #27 here. So look for a defensive end, and Parker Holland is the man.

Pick: LE: Parker Holland, Tennessee

28. Denver Broncos (14-2)

Coach TBCPlowboy
Needs: TE, ROLB, SS

This is plowboy’s 2nd pick in the 1st round which is very nice for a 14-2 team. Who was actually 14-0 and had talks of an undefeated season. We project the Broncos to grab a TE with their first pick, but here in the late round we look for them to get a steal at safety with Tacoi McNary from Stanford.

Pick: FS: Tacoi McNary, Stanford

29. New York Jets (3-13) *From Detroit

Coach Latinyank77478
Needs: QB, LT, DE, WR, TE, MLB, CB

The Jets are in rough shape. They traded their 6th overall pick last season to the Eagles, and they traded their QB Colin Kaepernick, so guess what? They need someone to build around asap with zero quarterbacks on the roster. They also need offensive line, defensive line, wide receivers, tight end, etc. However, they need to start somewhere. I see them grabbing Nick Koutouvides from Wisconsin. Of course he was a back up to Brady Cowan who looks to go much earlier so that’s why we think Koutouvides drops here to the Jets, which would be great for them because Nick K has some talent!

Pick: QB: Nick Koutouvides, Wisconsin

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)

Coach BigDre245
Needs: T, FS, MLB

What do the Jaguars possibly need? It’s like giving a gift to someone that has everything. So you go with the best player available here. They have a great offensive line already but they could use a better Right Tackle, so is that what they do? No, i think they go in a totally different direction here and grab a Tight End. Barry Meyers to be exact from Wisconsin. He’s a vertical threat, with decent speed and it adds to an already impressive offense.

Pick: TE: Barry Meyers, Wisconsin

31. Houston Texans (12-4)

Coach Pauly2110
Needs: G, CB, WR, DE

Coach Pauly was one win away from capturing his first MOF Super Bowl, instead he fell once again in the big game. So what do the Texans need to get over that last hurdle? Not much. They need to upgrade their offensive line, but more importantly they could use another cornerback. We believe there should be at least 1 decent CB left here in the 1st round, and that guy is Chaquil Boyle out of Tennessee. He lead the SEC in interceptions last season, so that has to mean something.

Pick: CB: Chaquil Boyle, Tennessee

32. Minnesota Vikings (16-0)

Coach WLJones228
Needs: OLB, SS

Well they don’t need much. The 2nd team to ever go undefeated from wire to wire in MOF history has a remarkable team, no holes anywhere. So what do they do here with the last pick in the 1st round? Well they could use a linebacker, and Nash Hutson will and should be available here at #32.

Pick: MLB: Nash Hutson, Wisconsin