Frequently Asked Questions (General)

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What is XSplit Connect : Webcam?

A: XSplit Connect: Webcam is a free mobile companion app available on iOS and Android devices that allows you to pair your mobile phone with XSplit VCam and use your front-facing or rear-facing phone camera as your PC webcam.

Q: What are the system requirements for XSplit Connect: Webcam?

A: iOS (minimum OS v12,  iPhone 7+)
Android (minimum OS v6) High end 2017+ or Medium end 2020 phone (recommended)

Modern Wi-Fi router with 5GHz capability, positioned in line of sight (recommended).

Q: Do I need a separate license for XSplit Connect: Webcam?
A: XSplit Connect: Webcam does not require a separate license and is available to use for all Free, Premium and VCam License holders

Q: Can I use XSplit Connect: Webcam for free?
A: XSplit Connect: Webcam can be used with the free version of XSplit VCam. However, users will be required to upgrade to use enhanced features of XSplit VCam, as well as to be able to remove the watermark.

Q: How do I use background removal and blurring with XSplit Connect: Webcam?
You will need to pair the XSplit Connect: Webcam app with XSplit VCam to be able to remove, blur or replace your background.

Q: Can I use XSplit Connect: Webcam on my Mac?

A: XSplit Connect: Webcam needs to be paired with XSplit VCam, which is currently only available for PCs on Windows 7+. XSplit VCam for Mac is coming soon

Q: How do I use XSplit Connect: Webcam with XSplit Broadcaster?
A: You will first need to install XSplit VCam and pair your XSplit Connect: Webcam app with it. Then, select XSplit VCam as your video source on XSplit Broadcaster.

Frequently Asked Questions (Troubleshooting)

Q: Can I use a USB cable instead to improve connectivity and quality?

A: Yes, a USB connection is recommended and fully supported. However, the phone or mobile device still needs to be connected to the same network as your computer via WiFi even if the camera data is transported via USB. Follow the instructions here.

Q: How do I reduce the lag/delay between my phone camera and VCam’s display?

A: If you are using an Android device and seeing significant constant delay greater than 0.5 seconds without stops in the stream, this delay is likely introduced by the encoder on your Android device. To resolve this, try to reduce encoder resource usage by lowering the resolution requested by VCam. Follow these steps.

Q: How do I fix constant small stops or artifacts/distortion in the camera feed?

A: If you see constant small stops in the camera feed it is caused by video packets not arriving in the correct order (waiting and sorting the buffer is causing the stops). If you see artifacts or distorted video sometimes, this is caused by corrupted video packets. To resolve this, try the following in order or combination:


Reducing resolution requested by VCam to reduce latency

Step 1: go to VCam’s  menu then press Settings

Step 2: go to Output under Additional Options and disable “Enable HD”

Using a USB cable for mobile camera data transfer to improve reliability

Using a USB connection with XSplit Connect is fully supported, but your mobile device still needs to be connected to the same network as your computer via WiFi even if the camera data is transported via USB.

iOS (iPhone)


NOTE: Some Android USB cables (and fake apple cables) may be unreliable for data transfer. Make sure that you use a high quality USB cable, that is well connected and NOT loose, which can transmit data as some cables can only be used for charging.

Enabling USB Debugging

You will need to first enable Android Developer Options and then enable USB Debugging/ADB Debugging.

Enable Android developer options by tapping the Build Number option 7 times (sound crazy, but true!). You can find the build number in one of the following locations, depending on your Android version:

Then proceed to enable USB Debugging in one of the following locations depending on your device

NOTE: If you are unable to follow the steps above, then search google for this phrase “enable USB debugging on [your phone model]”