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Roofing and Siding BBP Presentation 45 Minute Outline - January 15, 2019
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Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance – Social Media for Marketing for 2019

Act I 


Social Media networks have been around for over a decade, yet companies are not using these networks to the fullest potential.


As business owners and sales professionals, you need to communicate and educate your customers on how to buy roofing, siding, other services. Social media networks are TACTICS for communication.

Point A 

Call to Action

Point B 

Most businesses treat social media marketing as a single discipline

My goal is help you understand how social media could fit into your 2019 Marketing Plan.

BUT social media marketing is really four equally important parts – The Social Success Cycle

Act II

Key Point (5 minutes)

Explanation (15 minutes)

Detail  (45 minutes)

The World that I operate within:

The PESO Model, the Marketing Funnel, and Social Success Cycle

What CONTENT do you want to share?

It is all about good CONTENT – Original, Earned Media, from other sources.

Because your projects require significant investment…

PESO Model to/from the Marketing Funnel

Content is AMPLIFIED

Content is key to keeping TOMA as prospects enter and exit the Marketing Funnel.

Earned Media is PR, a source of content – e.g. TV, print, radio, awards, etc.

 “Social Proof” is more powerful than paid advertising because it comes from an outside source

Now, let’s talk about how the PESO Model interacts with The Social Success Cycle.

OWNED Media is a Press Release/blog post about a topic concerning your business

Shared Media is Social Influencing. This establishes your authority in construction.

Social Selling is generating leads and sales from existing customers and prospects

Social Listening is customer service to be moved to a private channel, such as email.

Social Networking – Build multiple networks on multiple platforms and connect them!

Social Selling – How do you generate sales on social media channels? You don’t (not directly)

Use a value-first strategy to generate leads and sales. What does it mean to you?

Who Owns Social Media? They Do. Don’t build your brand on rented ground. Move prospects from channels you don’t own to channels you do own (email list)

People Buy… From People They Know, Like, and Trust. Give your social media followers a reason to know, like, and trust you.


Your Personal LinkedIn Page – Give followers a reason to know, like, and trust you

Exposes You and Your Company Brand to People Searching for Your Services

Provide Introductions between customers, prospects, and your network!

Displays Recommendations and Word-of-Mouth Testimonials

Company LinkedIn Page

Share an article, photo, or update to build TOMA

Create an Industry or Location Specific Group and Engage Members

Post a Job through Career Pages

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Connect with new people after every networking event

Pay-it-Forward - Ask them who you can introduce them to solve their problems

Monitor your network for opportunities to sell your product


B2C Platform

Over 1 Billion Daily Active Users

People Spend an Average of 35 Minutes on Facebook Each Day

Over 8 Billion Average Daily Video Views

A Facebook Business Group and Company Page

Source Content from Your Current Customers and Followers

Nurture Your Followers - Listen to their Needs and Concerns

Boost Traffic to your Website from Your Company Page


Has 400 Million Daily Users

80% of Users follow at least 1 Business, which gives Brands permission to market to them

65% of People are Visual Learners

Ideas for Marketing on Twitter

Follow the Discussions on Twitter and Participate Actively

What are you able to do in 280 characters?

Give advice

Move Customer Service issues to a private channel

Go live with Live Video Tweets

80% of the people who view a video on Twitter tend to remember it

Video will make up 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic by 2020, according to Cisco

Anyone who views your live broadcast and join you and interact

Thread Tweets Together

Keep building on the original tweet

Tweets can be a story, thought, or ongoing talk about an event

Mark key Events for each month



We covered the Marketing Funnel, PESO Model, and Social Success Cycle

Good content is key. Original content that you create is better.

Earned Media is the best source of social proof.

Discussed LinkedIn

And, finally, Facebook/Instagram and Twitter

Social is just one part of a marketing plan.

Think of it as a tactic to achieve your goals

This presentation, notes, and video will be available on my AMM Communications website, under the About Us tab