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Confirmation Calendar 2018-19
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Confirmation 2018-2019 Old Testament/Small Catechism/Bible Structure

Classes are from 6:30 - 8 pm in Ohana Lani. Meals will be from 6:30-7 and classes begin immediately at 7. Study time will finish at 7:50 for clean up. Parents should be at the church for pick-up at 8 pm. If you have questions, please feel free to email Pastor David at:

Each class builds upon the next so it is VERY IMPORTANT that our students attend every class. We finish by 8pm so that students will still have time to do homework if necessary. There will be as student worksheet handed out at every class, this is a good opportunity for parents to spend time with students with the topic for each lesson.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this September. Please introduce any Middle Schooler in your family or neighborhood to the class. It is a great opportunity for young people to learn about the Bible, God and Faith in a healthy and safe atmosphere.

Grace and peace,

Pastor David Barber


12 From 6:00 pm we will have Parent Orientation and the creation of a Meal Schedule. Study Topic: Getting Started with the Bible

19 Creation

26 The Human Condition


3 The Flood

10 Abraham & Sarah

17 Isaac & Rebecca

24 Jacob & Esau


7 Joseph

14 Moses & Pharaoh

21 Wilderness to Land


5 The Ten Commandments

12 Judges

19 Ruth


9 Samuel & Saul

16 King David

30 A Split Kingdom


6 Exile and Return

13 Prophets of Israel

20 Prophets of Judah

27 Daniel


6 Ash Wednesday Worship at 7:00 pm

13 Lenten Worship & Confirmation: Job

20 Lenten Worship & Confirmation: Psalms

27 Lenten Worship & Confirmation: Proverbs


3 Lenten Worship & Confirmation: Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes

10 Lenten Worship & Confirmation: Review & Personal Faith Reflection

24 Celebration for Graduating Confirmands!!!