77.39 Fasting

888. Advice for men:

1. Learn game.

2. Increase your value as much as possible through work, effort, and persistence.

3. Be as location independent as possible (have penis, will uproot).

889. Intermittent Fasting:

1. Junk food makes your blood sugar shoot up and your body to release insulin.

2. Over the long haul, this can lead to obesity, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

3. You need to say no to sugary and salty snacks and give intermittent fasting (IF) a try. Many people have lost weight, gained muscle mass, and have seen an increase in their energy levels with the help of IF.

4. You need to decide which meal of the day you can skip. It can be breakfast or dinner. Your choice depends on what suits your lifestyle.  You eat only during a 4 to 6 hour window, maybe even 8 hours.

5. Follow a fasting plan 4 days a week, and you can have an optional snack between those 2 meals.

6. When you fast, you should consume only water, black tea, or black coffee. Try postponing your cup of coffee until you can’t wait any longer. Caffeine brings your appetite down.

7. To make your lifestyle change become a part of your life, it needs to be flexible. With IF, you listen to what your body says. You might wake up tired and hungry some mornings, and it’s absolutely fine. On such days, you need to eat your breakfast and not feel guilty about it.

890. “Lurching west in stop-and-go traffic on I-80 that morning, bound for Berkeley and a day of delivering in the rain, I had a low moment, dwelling on how far I’d come down in the world. Then I snapped out of it. I haven’t come down in the world. What’s come down in the world is the business model that sustained Time Inc. for decades. I’m pretty much the same writer, the same guy. I haven’t gone anywhere. My feet are the same.” ~ Austin Murphy


I know how he feels.  

891. Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipes:




892. Starting in 4 days, I will cut out all TV.  I need to binge watch before then.

893. https://oll.libertyfund.org/

894. https://oll.libertyfund.org/titles/600-quotations-about-liberty-and-power

895. I buy special foods that fit my vegan lifestyle and don’t drive my blood sugar through the roof.  Others in the house feel free to screw with my food without replacing it.  The solution is simple.  I will buy only what I need in the moment, day by day.  And use it immediately.

896. Here’s a long overdue announcement:

On April 2nd, your Google+ account and any Google+ pages you created will be shut down and we will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive and your Google+ pages will also be deleted. You can download and save your content, just make sure to do so before April. Note that photos and videos backed up in Google Photos will not be deleted.

Good riddance.

897. Need a pair of khakis as my main form of long pants.

898. Don’t build more product stores until I get info on the changes to Amazon.

899. One sub-goal of 77 is to reduce stress and stay calm in the face of stupidity.

900. Best MOB* countries for IBMs* considering being MOHs*:

  1. Philippines
  2. China
  3. Vietnam
  4. Thailand
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Argentina
  8. Costa Rica
  9. Poland
  10. Slovakia

901. One of the best things about Jacksonville come spring is long beach walks on the wide sand beaches.  I will be a prisoner during this time unless she is moved to a nursing home.  

902. I will concentrate on making use of my time more effectively and to get these 3,000 daily words posted online not only in raw form published by Google but also in smaller posts.

A Sunday Stroll

I only have a couple of days before the doctor.  I don’t know my A1C.  I’m sure it’s better but not where I want it to be.

I have to put my system in place for a vegan writer’s diabetic lifestyle.

Each morning, I check my glucose level.  If above 100, I may take my meds.  If not down by the end of my writing, I will head out for a walk.  I have to beat it down.

Then I begin my 3,000 words.  Most days I am awake by 4 am.  I go to bed by 8 or 9 pm.  This morning, at 3:35 am, I am up and Corbett and the car are gone.  He’s keeping secrets.  I believe he is supporting someone.

It’s 4:45 and he’s just now coming in.  I believe he may be violating rule number 1.  Don’t fuck up.  He has been acting up for some time.  I am ready for him to go to Pakistan on his job.

From today, I do not eat until my 3,000 words are done.  That will force me to do intermittent fasting since it takes me 5 or 6 hours to get the work done.  So far, I have not been posting and rearranging and adding affiliate links.  I need to use the other hours to stop watching TV and to build the blogs.

I have 7 weeks to create an impressive presence and earn real money.  That is enough time to get the IBM series of books set up and put in place.  The IBMs and MOBs is the jewel and the book that could go viral.  It’s especially important with RooshV going into retirement.

I want today’s 3,000 words to include a Sunday stroll with comments on a number of topics.  I’m still in my first 21 day block where I get the diet totally right for me, and set the foundation for great achievements.

The MOB Scene

Somewhat like man made global warming, everyone seems to have a opinion about mail order brides.  But we all know that opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has one, and most of them stink.

Neither exists.

The Earth regularly warms and cools mostly due to natural phenomena like volcanoes and meteor strikes, and the cycles of the Sun.  The number of humans on the planet and their activities may have some influence on temperature, but it’s minor.

For example, animal agriculture adds more solid pollution and greenhouse gases (cow flatulence) than all transportation - cars, trucks, planes, trains, buses, and boats - put together.

Scientists fudge the numbers and the theories to extract government grants to support their activities that are not supported by free enterprise.  They pass their theories on to ignorant reporters to alarm the public and to fill the 24 hour cable news cycle.

A few horrible events (Anastasia King), led social scientists to fudge the facts and put forth the narrative that American men who need to find mail order brides are nothing but oppressive abusers looking for sex slaves who cook and clean.

Feminist groups managed to push through IMBRA laws through Congress right before Christmas in 2005 which put roadblocks in the way of men and women from forming perfect marital unions if they happen to be Western men and women from developing countries who met via international matchmaking agencies.

More on that later.  I will revisit IMBRA in detail.

Here are some of the myths you are likely to hear from mainstream media:

1. all mail order brides are green card whores trying to scam you out of your money

2. young women abroad are not really interested in older men

3. international marriage is too expensive for the average middle class man

4. you’ll never find a good woman on an international dating site

In reality, the men who marry mail order brides tend to be happier, healthier, and more successful than most men.  After all, men will spend $10,000 - $25,000 searching the world for the perfect woman.  

And for the foreign women looking for a husband from overseas is an adventure waiting to happen.  She has to be willing to give up her friends, family, and career to follow a man to places unknown.

And the he evidence that international dating and marriage is good for both the men and women is overwhelming.

Here are some reasons for men to travel for the purpose of dating:

1. Learning other cultures and languages.  

Foreign dating is one of the best ways to connect instantly with another culture.  Maybe you are happy with the same old lack of places to go, or fast food rows in your town.

Take a beautiful woman to dinner, and you learn about her culture via cuisine and dating rituals.  You learn so much more about that country than you would by merely vacationing or visiting.

You’ll get to learn the customs, hear the language, and immerse yourself in her cultures when you date a foreign woman.

2. Hotter women.

Let’s face it.  America has become a fat nation.  Overweight is the norm.  Obesity is growing like bellies on young girls.

I always try to decide who is fatter, Walmart customers or diners at CiCi’s Pizza buffet.  (I think CiCi’s wins by a slice.)

Foreign women tend to take better care of themselves and stay in shape and age better - especially in Asia. Obesity is not a major issue in mail order bride supply countries where these women reside.  Otherwise, men would not go there.

Foreign women eat better, exercise more, and have sexier, slimmer figures.  For the most part it’s the difference between getting in a car some man paid for and walking to catch a train or bus to work.

3. International dating is easier.

For some reason, American women think men should pursue them no matter how out of shape they get or how shabbily they dress in public.

By using an international dating site, both men and women can post profiles that state the kind of match they are looking for.

Age. Height. Weight. Occupation. Educational background.

You know if she has children, or wants children.

You know if you meet her desires for a husband.  If you are too old, or not from the right country, move to the next photo gallery.  There are hundreds of thousands of choices.

With foreign dating, you learn a lot about someone before you ever meet. You can decide if the girl you’re talking with is worth dating before you spend time and money meeting her.

By using the dating sites, you are able to weed out any women who do not appeal to you physically, who do not have the right attributes for you, and who are not looking for you.

4. You are a catch.

Now that I’m older, it’s hard to remember when women thought you were a good catch.  When I lived abroad from Peace Corps to the Foreign Service to business, women came after me.

I’m not that special.  I look decent.  I can clean up when necessary.  I had a number of good jobs and enough money to pay for her to have a good time.

Something happened.  Mostly time and gravity.  And it takes a lot more money to compensate for the loss of youth and vitality.

But overseas, your value escalates.  For divorced women in their 40s, opportunities for a suitable marriage can be close to non-existent.  If you leave the  young women alone to milk the old fools for presents and clubs, you will have a choice of the best looking women 10 to 25 years younger than you are.

According to AFA, only 3% of men who join their site ever travel abroad to meet the women.  It’s a buyer’s market.

Feminism and political correctness have taken all the fun out of Western dating.

5. Foreign women like older men.

At least this is what we want to believe.  I’m not always sure this is a matter of desire or an indication that men their own age are not ready for marriage.

As IBMs, we can expect to date and even marry a woman who is younger, taller, prettier, sexier, smarter, and better educated than we can attract at home.

In many of the areas, such as Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia, women are not treated with respect, or even worse in severe cases.

Foreign ladies that are looking to date outside of their own countries are looking to find a man who is stable and who is going to treat them with respect.

At least I need to find one who tolerates old farts.

6. Low maintenance.

Many women in developed countries are incredibly materialistic and high-maintenance. Many women are only interested in a relationship for the financial advantages it provides, which is what they accuse foreign women of wanting.

Foreign women are better educated and more cultured, and they’re not used to the superfluous luxuries that many local women have.  A majority of foreign women spend time reading, going to the library, or taking care of their families.

One way to see if a potential mail order bride is really interested in you is to see how she wants to spend your money.  If she insists on the top nightclubs and most expensive restaurants for your dates, or she drags friends and relatives along, she does not consider you marriage material.  Just an ATM.

If she would like to explore a permanent relationship, she will go out of her way not to waste what could be your joint assets.

7. Good reason to travel.

I personally don’t need a reason to want to get on a plane and travel to a new part of the world.  It could be because it’s Tuesday.

Is there a better reason to travel than to meet stunning women who want to meet you?

I think not.

IBM* System

Here are some random notes on health, wealth, and relationships for my IBM* system currently being vetted.

1. My blood sugar has been too high lately.  I have consumed too many starches and processed foods.  We go all in today.  No eating of any foods when BS is above 100.  Even then, start with fresh, whole plant based foods.  Fruit.  Or some of my vegetable soup.

2. I’ve been getting distracted as usual.  For 77 days, I will focus only on short posts, spun articles, curated content, chklines, images, and video.  The books will come in the next gong.

3. As for Walkabout Solopreneur, I have to get back to the basics of creating content and testing the systems of others.  Stroll through your side hustle.  Concentrate on affiliate marketing, article marketing, and getting visitors to my sites.

4. My new schedule is the night shift.  Golden hours are 10 pm to 6 am.  Extended days go 8 pm to 8 am.  Exercise time is included.

5. I am okay on Wordpress, but over 77 days, I need to become a true expert.

6. After the 3,000 words are in the can, it’s time to walk to the gym.  Showering there is optional, but I need to have the backpack handy and get in more use of their facilities.

7. I do need to carry my cell phone in case she falls.  I am the contact from the medical alert company,

8. Make sure the backpack contains a change of clothes, an umbrella, and my fit over sunglasses.

9. At the gym, I need to start using free weights also.  Find dumbell videos on YouTube and create a page which links to different exercises.

10. Fasting will be a part of my routine until I get a handle on my A1C.  It can include intermittent, alternate day, or up to 7 days if I lose control.  Only water and tea when blood sugar is over 100.

11. Need to test out download an html zip from Google Drive and saving the images in WP media library.

12. I am trying to get to the Starch Solution, but it’s tough as hell.  That’s the only way to keep food costs down to Third World level.

13. As much as I hate locking into hard goals, I am too old to put this off.  I need at least 1 hour a day of walking.  2 hours would be better.  Besides the gym, I need to do stretching and planks at home to build this body to be able to keep up with 40ish Ukrainian or Chinese women.

14. Make a protein shake the first meal to break any fast.  If I am to build some muscle - or at least not lose any - I will need that protein boost.

15. Track income and expenses along with walking in my small notebooks where I keep my blood sugar readings.

16. In slow times, go through and scan all unnecessary documents and disgard.

17. Once again, I need to build my small bugout bag and use it daily.  I had hoped to get out of Jacksonville in April, but it will likely be later.

18. Concentrate on a daily spun article.  This 77 days is about turning out articles and peppering the Internet.

19. Need to make sure I have all of my passwords and logins stored on Google Drive.

20. Go through all of my materials on WP and affiliate marketing and content marketing to form the basis of Walkabout Solopreneur.


ChkLines - Blog Commenting Sites

Notes about blog commenting:

  1. 100DaysofRealFood :  DA 58
  2. AdvanceWebRanking :  DA 64
  3. AggiesKitchen :  DA 49
  4. Aha-Now : DA 44
  5. AkanshRedhu :  DA 30
  6. AllBloggingTips.com : DA 36
  7. AlliesVoice :  DA 21
  8. AllTechBuzz : DA 45
  9. AnkiOnTheMove : DA 29
  10. Authority Hacker : DA 40
  11. Backlinko : DA 73
  12. BasicBlogTips.com : DA 47
  13. BasuNivesh :  DA 22
  14. BeatingBroke :  DA 39
  15. Blogelina.com : DA 49
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  17. Bloggerspassion : DA 39
  18. BloggerTipsTricks : DA 31
  19. BloggingBasics101 : DA 46
  20. BloggingCage.com : DA 38
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  22. BloggingTips : DA 55
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  26. CallingAllGeeks :  DA 28
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