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1.        Authority

        SC 1326, 1327

        20 U.S.C.

        Sec. 6391 et seq

        34 CFR


The Board establishes a program to address the needs and provide appropriate services to migrant students attending District schools.

2.        Guidelines

The District program for migrant students shall include procedures to:

  1. Identify migrant students and assess their educational and related health and social needs.

  1. Ensure migrant students have the appropriate educational opportunities to meet the same academic standards required of all students.

        Pol. 105

  1. Provide a full range of services to migrant students including applicable Title I programs, special education, gifted education, vocational education, language programs, counseling programs and elective classes.

  1. Provide parents/guardians an opportunity for meaningful participation in the program.

  1. Provide advocacy and outreach programs for migrant students and their families.

  1. Provide professional development for District staff.

The District shall provide materials to parents/guardians regarding their role in improving the academic achievement of their child.

3.        Delegation of


The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to notify and involve parents/guardians in the development, implementation and evaluation of the District's program for migrant students.

School Code

1326, 1327

20 U.S.C.

Sec. 6391 et seq

34 CFR


PA Code

Title 22

Sec. 403.1

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