Music Parents Support Group

Thursday June 5, 2018 –

Present:        Gord Aitken, Elizabeth Bryce, Craig Cudmore, Leah Cudmore, Linda Cudmore, Natalie Daynkea, Marie-Christine Ferraud, Sadie Graves, Joanne Harvey, Annegret Hayward, Kim Kimbell, Peter Kimbell, David Leech, Lorraine McCormack, Heather Monkman, Clare Pelley, Gina Robinson, Leilani Schaefer, Jason Sinkus, Natalie Waldorf.

Regrets:         Bobbiann Geller, Karen Lawford, Diana Hampson-Wilson.

  1. The Minutes of the May 10th meeting were approved as corrected.  

Motion:         Moved by Linda, seconded by Clare, Carried.

  1. Student Update: (Leah, Sadie)

  1. Music Department: (Jason)

  1. Tux and Dress returns: (Natalie W and Lorraine)

  1. Treasurer’s Report: (David)

MOTION:  It was moved by Heather and seconded by Joanne, that we try issuing student account reimbursements by etransfer. Carried.

  1. Music Night Fundraising:

TICKETS: (Craig)

MOTION:  It was moved by David and seconded by Gord, that we move ahead with purchasing a “square” for the 2018-2019 year concerts and fundraising; and that there be a 10 cent charge to the purchaser for the transaction.  Carried.



FANS:  Some groups sell fans for events in warm seasons (ie. Tartan homes) Could we find someone/a business to sponsor fan sales at Spring music night 2019?  Natalie D will do some research for next year.  


It was suggested that speakers, like the CACDA rep be listed in the program, so that even if they are not picked up by microphone, the audience will know who they are.

Also suggested that the Grad Act be listed in Friday program so that audience doesn’t start leaving after last performance listed.

  1. Other:

  1. New Business:

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday September 6th at 7:00 pm in the Music Room.

Date for Music Parent Information Night (including AGM) is to be determined.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.