August 13, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

In the spring, fifth grade students will have the opportunity to participate in an Ocean Expo Camp at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (, which is located in Gulfport, MS, on April 28-May 1 of 2020.  Listed below is a sample itinerary:

Day 1-Get unpacked at dorms.  Have some time to explore the beach as a group.

Day 2 – a.m. at IMMS (museum tour, Discovery Room – featuring touch pools full of sharks and stingrays, a live reptile encounter, and a dolphin feeding presentation. We then spend the afternoon at Gulfport Beach, pulling seine nets and sifting through the sediment.

Day 3 – We load the Ship Island Ferry and spend the day exploring Historic Ship Island!

Day 4 – a.m. is spent dissecting a shark and exploring the turtle rescue area. The afternoon is spent back at the IMMS campus discussing various topics and wrapping up the program.

The cost of this trip will be $450.00; this cost is subject to change depending upon how many people go on the trip.  This cost will include the following:

We will stay in dormitory type housing that is available through the Seashore Methodist Assembly located on the beach in Biloxi, MS (approximately 20 minutes from the IMMS facility).  The dorm campus is smoke free and alcohol free. 

We do have a strict NO REFUND policy due to our financial obligations to the facilities. The payment schedule will be as follows unless changes are made to the cost, which is dependent upon how many sign up and any changes to our estimates at the facilities or with the charter bus.  

September 14:  Permission form and a $50 per person deposit due.   Deposit must be turned in by this date.

October 15: $100.00 per person

November 15: $100.00 per person

January 15: $100.00 per person

February 15: $100.00 per person

We will have a parent meeting on September 11, 2018, at 6:00 PM in Mrs. Goodrich’s room to answer any further questions.  We will also discuss fundraisers that will be available.  This is not a mandatory meeting, but it is highly suggested that you attend if you have any questions or would like to know more about fundraisers.

Thank you,

Fifth Grade Team

**Attached to this packet is your first fundraising opportunity.  Feel free to get started right away!  It is super simple.  Students simply show the form to family and friends and ask if they can spare a dollar to help them meet their goals to go to Ocean Camp.  All money should be turned in as soon as the sheet is completed.  When the money is turned in, your child may pick up a new Can You Spare $1.00 sheet.  All money that your child collects goes directly on your child’s account, which means it is subtracted from the $450 tuition.  Good luck!!

Can You Spare $1.00???

Dear Family and Friends:

We are having a dollar fundraiser.  The purpose of this fundraiser is to help pay for my Ocean Expo trip.  With your support, this can be possible.  Just sign any line for a dollar.

 1.  I will start you off.                        _____________________

  1. I’m happy to give you a dollar.         _____________________
  2. A dollar won’t break me.                _____________________
  3. A dollar is not very much.                _____________________
  4. I just can’t say no.                        _____________________
  5. Well, since it’s you.                        _____________________
  6. What’s a dollar between us?        _____________________
  7. I’ll gladly give you a dollar!        _____________________
  8. My dollar is for a good cause.        _____________________
  9. My dollar helps reach the goal.         _____________________
  10. I wish I could give more.                 _____________________
  11. What’s one less in my wallet?         _____________________
  12. Count on me for a dollar!                _____________________
  13. Sure, I’ll give you a dollar.                _____________________
  14. I’m always glad to help.                _____________________
  15. I can’t say no to a friend.                _____________________
  16. A dollar from me to you!                _____________________
  17. Don’t leave me out!                        _____________________
  18. I can’t spend more than $1.         _____________________
  19. I gave this for a good cause.          _____________________
  20. Here’s a dollar!                                _____________________
  21. Will $1.00 help?                                _____________________
  22. Blessed is he who gives $1.        _____________________
  23. Here’s my last dollar!                        _____________________
  24. Congratulations, you’re #25!         _____________________


REQUEST:  Throughout the year, when sending payments, there are a few procedures that will make Mrs. Goodrich’s life so, so much easier:


September 14:  Permission form and a $50 per person deposit due.   Deposit must be turned in by this date.

October 15: $100.00 per person

November 15: $100.00 per person

January 15: $100.00 per person

February 15: $100.00 per person

Our payment plan is put in place because we have to adhere to a payment schedule for the buses, dorms, and facility.  Please send your payment in on time.  That being said, we all know that from time to time situations occur that cause us to get behind.  In that case, please send a note in a sealed envelope to Mrs. Goodrich stating when the payment will be caught back up.  I would like this to be in a sealed envelope to keep your kiddo from stressing out over their payments.

Each year, several parents ask to pay the full amount at tax time.  This has become a problem in the past because other more important things come up and the camp payment doesn’t come through.  This is our new requirement If you plan to pay at tax time as opposed to our payment plan.  You must send in the $50 deposit to hold your child’s spot, and an additional $50 if an adult is chaperoning.  You must also ensure that your child participates in all fundraisers between now and tax time so we are able to adhere to our financial responsibilities between now and then.


A sponsor is anyone who donates more than $20 toward your trip whose name will be put on the back of our shirts.  This can be relatives, friends, and businesses OUTSIDE of Carlisle.  The only way you can have a Carlisle business as your sponsor is if someone in your family owns the business.  This is to protect our businesses from having a dozen students asking for money.  Any business outside of Carlisle is fair game.  Start collecting sponsors now!

Please fill out this permission form, initial each statement that pertains to your child or yourself,  and send it back to Mrs. Goodrich as soon as possible with the required deposit.  If a parent is attending, please send $50 for the child and $50 for the parent.

Please initial:

___My child will be attending Ocean Expo.  I understand that there is a no-refund policy due to financial obligations to the facilities.

___My child will not be attending Ocean Expo because __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

___ I will be attending Ocean Expo as a chaperone.

***There are limited spaces available, so adults will be added only when they pay their $50 deposit, and it is on a first come, first serve basis.***

Child’s name _________________________________________________________________

Parent’s name ________________________________________________________________

Phone number ___________________ Email _____________________________

Parent signature ______________________________________________________________

____ (initial) I understand that each year there are limited partial scholarships available.  These scholarships will be given to those students who have made an effort to raise the money through fundraising opportunities.  Students who have not worked on fundraising to help pay their tuition WILL NOT receive a partial scholarship.