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* STOP GAZA GENOCIDE: Ceasefire Now! (Public Toolkit)
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1. 🚨TELL CONGRESS: Demand a #CeasefireNOW!

60 members of Congress have called for a ceasefire. We must demand a PERMANENT and lasting ceasefire now.

Support the Ceasefire NOW resolution led by Rep. Cori Bush, and demand that Congress #StopArmingIsrael.

2. TELL GENOCIDE JOE: You Are Complicit in Genocide

Palestinians are suing Biden for enabling genocide. Demand a CEASEFIRE NOW and an end to U.S. military funding to Israel.


3. Shut It Down for Palestine again on Friday, December 8

NO BUSINESS AS USUAL while our U.S. government and complicit corporations enable genocide! Shut it down.

Find protests and resources:

4. Organize Your Own Protest

Organize a protest to call out your elected officials and complicit corporations. Hold a sit-in, shutdown, pray-in, or birddog based on recent examples.

Use our new Strategies to Shut It Down toolkit.

5. Find more protests:

Find a protest near you. Text and invite all your friends. Ask everyone in attendance to complete one of the above action tools on the spot. Print protest signs to take along.

These protest signs are free to use. You’ll find USCPR protest signs, as well as signs by artists who’ve granted their permission for printing them for protests. Also see the protest art collection

6. Text all your friends, group chats, your whole contact list

Copy/paste this message:

Hey! Urgent action is needed to stop the ongoing crisis in Gaza. 🚨 Palestinian people in Gaza are asking us to apply as much pressure as possible for a CEASEFIRE NOW! Please use these links to call and email your elected officials.

  1. 📧 Email Congress: Stop the Gaza Genocide | USCPR
    🔗 Link:

  1. 📞 Call Congress: CEASEFIRE NOW! | USCPR
    🔗 Link: 

  1. 📧 Tell Biden, Blinken, and Austin: You Are Complicit | USCPR
    🔗 Link: 
  2. For more info including protests and other actions, visit: 

Your voice matters. It’s extremely important to pressure Congress to stop the killing. Thank you for taking action with me.

7. Pressure your members of Congress on social media

Has your Congressmember called for a ceasefire yet? Check here. 

If not, copy/paste this message, inserting their social media handle.

Hi [@handle]: As your constituent, I’m urging you to demand a #CeasefireNOW

Palestinians in Gaza are living through genocide as Israel bombs, starves, and displaces them. Their lives are on the line with every passing second

Stop the killing! Speak up now!

Download images for social media.

8. Sign up for action alert texts

Make sure you’re plugged in to the most critical updates in real time. With so much censorship on social media, getting texts sent directly to your phone is the fastest way to find out about new action alerts.

Sign up at

9. Look up: How much of your community’s tax dollars fund Israel’s violence?

Every year, the U.S. government writes Israel a blank check for at least $3.8 billion. With your federal U.S. tax dollars, the Israeli military is bombing Gaza and wiping out entire Palestinian families right now.

Find out how much people in your city pay, and what could be funded instead, on the U.S. Military Funding to Israel map. Demand that Congress #StopArmingIsrael.

See the map at

. Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions (BDS)

Modeled after anti-apartheid organizing in South Africa, BDS tactics are a time-honored strategy to achieve Palestinian rights. See this updated graphic on complicit companies to boycott. Read more.

BDS resources: Download BDS stickers to print and BDS flyers to wheatpaste around your neighborhood. Find stickers and flyers here.

11. Complete additional action tools

12. Follow these accounts on social media:



13. Share this toolkit on Instagram and on TikTok



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