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All students at Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School will be accepted as individuals for their unique strengths, challenges, abilities, and personalities where all administrators, teachers, counselors and support staff treat them with respect and positive regard in a safe environment.  Students will have frequent opportunities to engage in higher-order critical thinking to prepare them to be successful in high school, college, and their future career. Finally, students will be active participants in both academic and extracurricular activities.

Course Syllabus: Theatre Arts

Course Description

Theatre Arts is an elective class designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of theatre.  Students will have the opportunity to develop acting, directing, and scriptwriting skills, and to understand and appreciate the elements of theatrical production.  The initial focus of the class will be to introduce students to basic theatrical concepts and terminology, and to allow stage time in a supportive environment.  

Throughout the Term, students will build acting skills in the areas of improvisation, concentration, sensory awareness, imagination, trust, commitment, focus, character development, and performance.  Throughout the class, students will view both live and recorded productions, including movies, performances by Cosumnes Oaks High School students, and by professional companies when available, such as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival or San Francisco Shakespeare Co.

Course Standards

Theatre students will:

(From the Elk Grove Unified School District visual and performing arts standards, which are aligned to the state and national arts standards.)  

Grading Policy:

Students’ grades will be based on their achievement in the following areas:

PARTICIPATION                   PERFORMANCES                   PROJECTS               WRITTEN WORK

Updated grades are published on Synergy weekly.  Students and parents are welcome to contact me regarding their work on an individual basis.  

Theatre Arts Essential Skills to be Mastered throughout Term:  (Soft Skills desired in the workplace)

Cooperative Team Work,    Eye Contact,    Body Language Awareness,    Out-of-the-Box Thinking, Positive Self-Talk,    Professional Introduction/Closing,    Working through Nervousness, “Yes…and…” Attitude.

Class Expectations and Requirements:

PARTICIPATION:  To reflect the important role of active learning and the value of each student’s contribution to a supportive environment, participation points are earned daily in Theatre class.  Each student’s participation grade is directly related to the student’s attendance and willingness to actively and appropriately participate. Tardiness is recorded and consequences assigned according to school policy.

Comfortable clothing is recommended so that students can move. Students are welcome to bring a pair of shorts or sweats to slip on when they are not dressed for movement.

Gum is not allowed during performances or presentations in Theatre class.  No eating during class.

PERFORMANCES:  Performances are evaluated according to meeting the criteria for each assignment.  Criteria are explained to students in advance and reviewed with students at performance time.  Students should be present and well-rehearsed for scheduled performances.

PROJECTS:  A variety of projects will be assigned throughout the Term with the primary focus of helping to nurture creativity, encourage a “Yes…and” attitude, encourage positive self-talk, and offer opportunity to develop presentation skills, such as:  enunciation, projection, and professionalism.

WRITTEN WORK:  Reading and writing assignments are a regular part of the Theatre Arts curriculum.  Students will need paper, pen (blue or black ink), and pencil to complete assignments daily.  Students are expected to keep all written materials in a neat, organized binder that is present in class each day.  The Theatre section of each student’s binder may be graded and should contain all notes, written assignments, critiques, reflections, and handouts for the class.    

Homework/Late Work/Make-Up Work Policies:

Homework is not assigned every night, memorization and other activities are components of successful performances and students will need to work at home to be thoroughly prepared. It is each student’s responsibility to write down assignment deadlines and complete the work necessary to meet them.  Performances will not be postponed to accommodate lack of preparation. Late written work is accepted for partial credit.

Assignments given before an absence are expected upon the student’s return.  Make up performances must be arranged with the teacher, and will be allowed for excused absences only.  Missed performances will receive no credit.  

Be responsible concerning attendance practices, with the awareness that poor attendance will affect your grade.  In performance-based classes makeup work is challenging. Absences result in lost participation points for the days missed.  A limited amount of makeup work is available for excused absences only.  Due dates for makeup work are one week from the date of absence, and it is the student’s responsibility to get the makeup assignment, complete it, and turn it in on time.    

Student Behavior Expectations:

Students are to come to class daily, on time, prepared to work with a positive attitude and to respect the right of others to do the same.  Students are required to observe all school rules as stated in the school wide behavior policy. Theatre is a performing art and each student’s participation as a focused, supportive audience member during performances is critical.  The nature of the Theatre Arts curriculum also requires students to work independently, remaining on task and in their assigned work area.  Students who engage in disruptive or off-task behavior or who respond to others’ efforts in negative or otherwise inappropriate ways may be suspended from Theatre class for up to two days.

Together, we will work to create and maintain a supportive, safe space for each class member to increase self-confidence, and develop polished performance and presentation skills.

I look forward to working with you!

Micaela Muro Dimos, MA Theatre Arts