Name of Performer and Song: Katy Perry - Chained to the Rhythm

Media Form


Ratio %:



Theme / subject matter:

50:50 performance to narrative

Everyone is following the same lifestyle and living a lie. Retro, 50’s and futuristic themes.

Intertextual references:

Reference to Sleeping Beauty where Perry pricks her finger on a rose which reflects the theme of living in a fairytale. Emojis are also referenced on one of the theme park rides. Includes lots of references about being accepted. Also references to war and bombs.

Generic Features

The conventional  ingredients

Look of the video/star:

Perry wears costumes which feature both futuristic and retro elements. Conventions of the pop genre are shown through the bright colours in the video.

Sound of the music:

Pop. Very upbeat in comparison to the themes in the video.

Narrative Analysis


Does it illustrate the song?

...amplification :

Does it add another layer of meaning to the song?


Does it seem to work in juxtaposition to the song?

What does this contribute to your understanding?

Amplification- shows how we’re “chained” to our everyday lives. Everyone copies each other reinforcing the idea of being “chained”. Metaphors about life throughout.

Setting of Disneyland like park reinforces themes of fairytale life.

What is the relationship between the narrative and star?

What does this suggest about the star?

She’s alone whereas the others are coupled up. This gives an outside view of the fairytale life.

Katy is also at the forefront of the story as we see her realisation to being “chained”. The narrative and the star are very separate as the star seems to be realising that we’re “chained” compared to the people within the narrative who are oblivious.

Technical Conventions

Visual Rhythm

Camera Movement and Editing

Crane shot whilst dancing - shows energy which echoes the theme.

Wide shots- take away from detail

Establishing shot - oblivia- oblivious/oblivion

Editing links


Shallow depth of field

Representation of  The Star

What ideas are communicated about the star image (brand) and how are these communicate through camera, editing and mise-en-scene?

Oblivia- Oblivious/Oblivion

The mise en scene reflects the lyrics in the song. For example, “are you lonely up there in utopia” is shown through the clean cut, plastic mise en scene of the costumes, make up, hair and setting.

The star is shown as very powerful as she realises all that’s wrong with society but also the scale of the production.


How is the video designed to look visually appealing?

Leading lines are used to give symmetry. The colours used are vibrant and bright which are used to emphasise the contrast between the lyrics and themes of the video and the beat of the music.